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The Luxury Lifestyle List: Mariana Morais, fitness guru and Instagram sensation

Read on to discover our latest interviewee’s answers for The Luxury Lifestyle List.

By LLM Reporters  |  April 28, 2022
Mariana Morais

We caught up with Mariana Morais, a fitness fanatic who moved to the United States from Brazil to follow a dream and make her mark, and since then she has shown the world that no dream is ever too big. Mariana has become an inspiration to all women as she provides her devoted followers with the tools necessary to find self-empowerment and the potential to explore a new passion.

At the core of Mariana’s passions lie her love and devotion for all things fitness. With a plan in mind to build a brand around her workouts with fitness apparel and fitness gear, along with opening an Amazon store via SkyLine Automation company to better engage with her followers and expand her business, Mariana is on her way to building an empire on self-love and finding true power in being a woman.

My car of choice

My car of choice would be a Bugatti. I have loved the brand since I was a little girl, and they do an amazing job combining artistic build with a sports car.

My favourite holiday destination

Anything tropical. Super broad here but I love the warmth and getting sun rays. No matter the time of holiday, I will have my toes in the sand.

Mariana Morais

My gadget I can’t live without

My iPhone is definitely something I can’t live without. I do work from my phone, so I have to be on it constantly, I still need it to keep in touch with friends and my far away family.

My go to fashion brand

I have a lot of brands that I love and work with so this is tough, but I would say recently I have been loving White Fox Boutique. Their clothes fit me tremendously.

My airline of choice

Delta is my airline of choice. I have found it to have the most convenient flights and I am a diamond medallion member.

My favourite watch brand

I don’t find myself wearing a ton of watches, but when I do it’s my Rolex. It has a small face as I have a tiny wrist, but it’s adorable. The brand does a good job catering to both male and females.

My favourite restaurant

This is easy – Fogo de Chao! This Brazilian steakhouse is the best place. Eating protein is important in my lifestyle of fitness, and my background of living in Brazil makes this restaurant a perfect match to me.

Mariana Morais

My guilty pleasure

Whenever I feel like dipping my toes into a guilty pleasure it’s going to be some birthday cake ice cream. I don’t have it often, but when I do I’m in heaven. Especially the one from Kith!

My favourite way to give back

Giving back to my community is most important to me. Not only because it’s where I physically live but because these are the people and places that support me, so why not support back? Recently I have been very in touch with the beaches and ocean, therefore I have been attending, or hosting my own, beach clean-ups.

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