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Matt Fiddes

The Luxury Lifestyle List: Matt Fiddes, fitness entrepreneur and Michael Jackson’s former bodyguard

By LLM Reporters on 28th November 2019

We caught up with Matt Fiddes, fitness entrepreneur and Michael Jackson’s former personal bodyguard.

My car of choice

I have had pretty much every car there is to have since I was 17! But I do love my Ferrari’s! Now I have six kids though! The sports cars have been replaced with 7 seaters which normally get trashed as you can imagine. I would not have it any other way though! I do miss my super cars though!

My favourite holiday destination

I have seen a lot of the world with my background. You cannot beat the Maldives though! Amazing place and a real paradise! I relax there more than anywhere else. I am happy to go anywhere though as long as my wife and 6 children are with me.

Matt Fiddes

My gadget I can’t live without

My i Phone! Nowadays I literally run my business from it! Gone are the days where I was stuck behind a computer for hours and hours. I can work wherever I am which has opened lots of opportunities in the business world.

My go to fashion brand

I am not really into labels to be honest, I am a bit unusual in that sense. Apart from when I have to dress up for events you can normally find me in my MF branded clothing range! Due to the nature of our industry I am big into tracksuits and trainers. To be honest, I am happy to wear anything including Primark!

My airline of choice

I have had the opportunity to take a lot of private jets and you can’t beat that! I even went in Concorde once! Private luxury jets is the ultimate but it is not very sustainable and I would now think twice about my travel choices.

My favourite watch brand

I love Rolex. I have treated myself to a few in the past but nowadays I don’t buy new ones. I have a favourite I wear every day and that suits me just fine. I am not one for being flash. I normally wear what every my kids give to me for Christmas!

Matt Fiddes

My favourite restaurant

I like to eat healthy. So Wagamama is my favourite restaurant choice! I go there at least twice a week and the whole family like the food so it is a no brainer. When you have young children it is important to find a restaurant that works for the family as a whole.

My guilty pleasure

I am partial to a glass of red wine. It helps me wind down after a busy and stressful day at work.

I also love hotels! I feel more at home in hotels than at home.. because I have spent so much time in them since I started my career at 18 years old travelling extensively to build up my franchise business which is now in 1,000 locations world-wide!

My favourite way to give back

I do a lot for families and causes in need. I pay for life-saving operations to medical treatments but I prefer to keep them confidential as it is a private matter for the family involved. If I can help I will.