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The Luxury Lifestyle List: Raimonda Trump, founder of luxury cocktail clothing brand Nomi Fame

By LLM Reporters  |  March 20, 2021
Raimonda Trump

We caught up with Raimonda Trump, the founder of luxury cocktail clothing brand Nomi Fame.

My car of choice

Porsche – to me this brand means luxury, freedom, and timeless beauty. I like the fact that Porsche has low production numbers and is made of high quality materials which makes this car exceptional. 

My favourite holiday destination

Any place that has sand, crystal-clear water, sun and privacy. I just came from elopement type of wedding in the Caribbean, it was the best idea ever! Very romantic and unforgettable. I am sure my next destination with my husband will be exotic as well, I’m thinking Maldives or Mauritius.

Raimonda Trump

My gadget I can’t live without

My iPhone of course. Like most people I could not live without it, though I consider it more like a mandatory work tool. Sometimes I love to have a break from my phone and recharge myself.

My go to fashion brand

I am obsessed with fashion history. I love reading famous designer’s biographies that gives me inspiration, I appreciate brands that have their history and uniqueness. If I have to choose one brand it would be Chanel, but for me as a designer, the most important thing in clothing is quality, not a label. 

My airline of choice

I like to fly with Emirates, they have great customer service.

My favourite watch brand

I will stay classic with Rolex, it’s timeless.

Raimonda Trump

My favourite restaurant

I am obsessed with Italian cuisine, especially pizza and pasta. I must admit that I love restaurants with beautiful interiors that offer exquisite service. However, very often I find the best food in small, cosy restaurants, so it’s more about food, not how posh it is.

My guilty pleasure

Jacuzzi, champagne, massage and chocolate. Perfect mix.

My favourite way to give back

I have a soft spot for children’s charities. I’m also a strong advocate for women empowerment, therefore I promote women’s independence and entrepreneurship.