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The Luxury Lifestyle List: Richard Upshall, the serial entrepreneur who started his first business venture at the age of 13

Read on to discover our latest interviewee’s answers for The Luxury Lifestyle List.

By LLM Reporters  |  July 31, 2022
Richard Upshall

We caught up with serial entrepreneur, Richard Upshall. The 52-year-old has spent four decades making – and sometimes losing – a fortune, becoming a valued pundit everywhere from Sky to the BBC in the process.

Starting his first business venture at the age of 13, his entrepreneurial prowess has seen him travel the world, living in the likes of the US, Dubai, Australia and the UK. Along with successful (and less successful) businesses on four continents taking in music, clothing, VOIP, cyber-security, medical equipment research, online payment solutions, offshore diving and what’s euphemistically known as ‘energy transition’.

1991 saw Richard leave the UK finding his fortune. Since then, he’s never stopped moving, with work (and pleasure) leading him to Australia, the US and across Europe, taking in further travels through Asia and Antarctica.

But speak with Richard for any longer than five minutes and it’s clear that in 2022 his focus and key passion is music. His latest endeavour is founding RU Listening, a forward-thinking record label that’s home to a diverse roster of established and breaking talents, from the likes of Ray J, DJ Ironik, Union J and Scorcher, to buzzworthy names like K Harrison and Josh Daniel.

Today that fearlessness is also found in the fact that while many bosses are terrified of younger challengers or too busy playing golf to ever meet any, Richard embraces and nurtures new, fresh and diverse talents in all areas of his work. All of which is feeding into the continuing success and expansion of RU Listening.

 Richard Upshall

My car of choice

I am a car guy, overall, my Bentley GT of a few years ago would be a go to, of late though I have discovered the serene pleasure of gliding along in my vintage Rolls Royce in the UK. Currently, in Dubai, I do have a Wildcat Redyeye WB which really does bring the boy racer out!

My favourite holiday destination

Has been the Maldives for many years, different places, some more bouncy than others, just a week there can rejuvenate the soul for many months. I have to say, this year I have really enjoyed the UK though, from wilds of Ayrshire down to Lands End.

My gadget I can’t live without

My Jura coffee machine, bought for me as a gift, I just love proper coffee at the push of a button, been grinding for 10 years and never missed a beat.

My go to fashion brand

Shoes over clothes, and Balenciaga are up there with their mules, trainers and in-betweens. Their clothes tend to work for the larger man too, and their casual style suits me (and the ladies seem to like it too).

My airline of choice

Emirates, hands down consistently the best, the limo service is sublime as well. I just like the no-nonsense, leave-you-to-decide approach they have when you turn left to enter.

 Richard Upshall

My favourite watch brand

Panerai, been a mainstay for many years, for myself and some I have bought others in thanks. I bought my first in Singapore, and as they say, one never owns a watch, just holds to pass on that has been passed on already, with love.

My favourite restaurant

That really depends where I am, so in London, Dinner by Heston is my favourite, right down to the fact they have a card on the table to display if you don’t want to be interrupted! Simple food done well. In Dubai, Toro Toro is fabulous for the food, service and ambience.

My guilty pleasure

Fast fashion, I love BooHoo and their outrageous tracksuits and so on, plus shirts for all my Hip Hop Icons from Biggie through DMX, Snoop to Ice Cube, BooHoo has the drip. Restaurant managers across the world hate them for it, as they try to explain ridiculous dress codes!

My favourite way to give back

My time is what has the most value, so whether it is providing advice, someone to talk to, or just an exchange of ideas I love to share time with people who can benefit and appreciate it.