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The Luxury Lifestyle List: Rob Moore, author, public speaker, entrepreneur and property investor

By LLM Reporters on 27th November 2019

We caught up with Rob Moore, the leading author, public speaker, entrepreneur and property investor.

My car of choice

As an entrepreneur who loves multiple assets and multiple streams of income I can’t choose one car so I’d have to choose a car for each situation. A Lamborghini Aventador for sports, a Porsche Panamera turbo for family everyday life and Ferrari Testarossa for classic outings and summer cruising and I’m lucky enough to own all 3 to tend to choose my car depending on what I’m doing that day and of course what time of year it is.

My favourite holiday destination

That would have to be the Cayman Islands. It’s utterly beautiful with year round amazing weather. Cayman Islands are hot are small enough to feel familiar yet far away enough to feel like a holiday. I’ve enjoyed numerous trips for business and pleasure over there and it’s my go-to destination every time.

Rob Moore

My gadget I can’t live without

Is a zoom H1 audio recorder for recording podcasts, training, business systems, interviews on the go with celebrities and sports stars and any interesting conversations I might end up having. I keep it on me all the time and it’s probably the most useful gadget I’ve ever owned.

My go to fashion brand

There is no contest and I would have to say Alexander Mcqueen for his amazing creativity. He was an amazing disruptor in fashion alongside being a brilliant fashion designer with an incredible emotional story.

My airline of choice

It has to be British Airways because the amount of points I accrue on the British Airways American express card. It gives incredible first class service for when I’m travelling all over the world for a bargain price. The staff and set-up is done incredibly well and I’ve never experience any problems flying with them.

My favourite watch brand

I’d have to say Audemars Piguet. I absolutely love the Gerald Genta octagon design as it’s classic and unique. I’ve interviewed the CEO for my podcast and the brand’s roots are fascinating. Their attention to detail are second to none.

Rob Moore

My favourite restaurant

Despite there being many amazing restaurants and fine dining experiences I would have to say that my single favourite restaurant would be burger and lobster. Their lobster role is the most divine thing you’ll ever eat and everyone I’ve ever recommended is in a state of bliss when they eat this £20 sandwich.

My guilty pleasure

Is Strictly Come Dancing. I’m a mentor and good friend’s with Kevin Clifton so I have an ulterior motive. It’s not normally something I admit publicly to watching week in and week out but I do enjoy it and it my form of escapism.

My favourite way to give back

My favourite way to give back is through my own foundation, ‘The Rob Moore Foundation’ which aims to help entrepreneurs all over the world especially young and underprivileged start-ups. We help support and scale their business whilst educating them in terms of financial education.