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The Luxury Lifestyle List: Samata Pattinson, a British born Ghanaian entrepreneur working across fashion, media and entertainment

By LLM Reporters  |  June 10, 2021
Samata Pattinson

We caught up with Samata Pattinson, a British born Ghanaian entrepreneur working across fashion, media and entertainment.

The published author (THE TRIBE Empowerment Journal, The Fashion Designer’s Resource Book) and writer (The Guardian, VOGUE, Huffington Post), is CEO for Suzy Amis Cameron’s Red Carpet Green Dress. Showcasing sustainable fashion at the Oscars every year, Samata brings sustainability to the forefront of conversation and action. Working with Louis Vuitton, Armani, Vivienne Westwood and others, the campaign celebrated its 10th year of activism in 2019.

My car of choice 

Tesla S or X – an absolute favourite who combine feat of design with sustainability.

My favourite holiday destination 

Ghana – combination of rich culture, incredible food, family and historical context. It’s a place with the most gorgeous tropical warm climate, offering everything from a thriving city to a rural space rich in biodiversity. I love its sights like Kintampo Waterfalls – the largest waterfall in West Africa, its sandy beaches, caves, mountains or rivers – you name it!

My gadget I can’t live without  

I don’t ever rely on tech but I do love a portable speaker, music relaxes me and I love being able to lie in a park or beach with a little boost to my sound experience! Music to me is an accompaniment to whatever I am living or working through.

My go to fashion brand

The Pangaia or B Yellowtail – one has a brilliant easy wear range and the other has such a powerful cultural story of sustainability. Whilst they feel absolutely lush, The Pangaia make clothes for really living in, they balance a gorgeous lushness with just basic function. Whereas B Yellowtail is a label created by Bethany Yellowtail, who is so talented at making work that reflects her indigenous heritage stemming from Northern Cheyenne and Crow tribes.

Samata Pattinson

My airline of choice  

Virgin Atlantic as they communicate sustainability on board, in their magazine and whenever I speak to their staff they are clued up about it. They have been talking about social and environmental sustainability for as long as I can remember, I appreciate that.

My favourite watch brand 

Love VOTCH – they make sustainable watches which are flexible, contemporary and timeless. They are a UK cruelty free watch company who really put design first, I just find them really practical and well made. 

My favourite restaurant

Constantly changing so I don’t have one! I do love Ghanaian, Thai and Peruvian food though.

My guilty pleasure 

Salted caramel on pretty much any sweet thing. I have a sweet tooth and can drizzle it to elevate anything from fruit to cakes. Not good, but so good. I recently discovered Cloudberry sea salted caramel spread which is made by a a mother and daughter team from County Kerry in Ireland. They started to make it as a filling for macarons and now they just made it as a spread. 

My favourite way to give back

Spending quality time listening to people who need it. We don’t give enough time and I think that is the best gift as it is so precious. It doesn’t have to be a tangible gift, sometimes you are more than enough.