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The Luxury Lifestyle List: Shery Lau, founder of high-end Hong Kong womenswear brand SYRA J

By LLM Reporters  |  May 31, 2021
Shery Lau

We caught up with Shery Lau, founder of SYRA J – a contemporary Hong Kong womenswear brand whose designs capture the daring, bold, elegant, and beautiful female spirit in timeless style. The brand’s image, quality fit and workmanship bridge every woman’s fashion fantasy to their reality. SYRA J believes that fashion is art and art is an expression, and the company stands for female empowerment through their clothes.

My car of choice

Any BMW is great for day-to-day use, mine is a BMW 5 series. I also have a Jaguar XK type for weekend cruises – a four-seater convertible – meaning there’s also extra space in case a friend ever needs a ride.

My favourite holiday destination

I adore Capri, Italy; an island of fashion. I indulge in its idyllic landscape, fresh seafood, Italian charm, what more could you want?

My gadget I can’t live without

I am never without my makeup bag. Apart from cosmetics to freshen up during the long workday, I keep emergency tools such as a small toothbrush, small scissors, hair ties etc. I also always carry a pocket camera in my handbag.

My go to fashion brand

Obviously my own collection is always my top choice, but I also love so many other brands, from international brands to small-businesses, it’s hard to name them all. Just a few big names that I find myself in awe of: Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Comme des Garçons, Yohji Yamamoto, Prada, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Alexander Wang.

Shery Lau

My airline of choice

I always fly with Cathy Pacific if flights are available. Attentive service, quality meals and great selection of in-flight entertainment.

My favourite watch brand

My favourite is Panerai! But a few outstanding watches from other brands too: Pasha by Cartier, Crazy Hours by Franck Muller, Daytona by Rolex.

My favourite restaurant

I like to try different cuisines, especially fusion types with creative recipes. These are the ones I like a lot: Nobu, new fusion Japanese; Hutong, new fusion Chinese; Sketch in London, love the décor (egg toilets!) and the different vibes in each room; La Petite Maison, absolutely incredible salad choices.

My guilty pleasure

I stay up way later than anyone should, I’ve always preferred the night, which means the lights in my house are still on when it is dark everywhere else. I also have a thing for eating eggs with ketchup.

My favourite way to give back

Giving back in-person means a lot. I am most concerned about the issue of child brides. I volunteer for charity events when I can and help in any way possible, and I also host fashion shows for fundraising.

SYRA J is now stocked at My Wardrobe HQ, which can be found at 30 Elizabeth St, London SW1W 9RB.