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The Luxury Lifestyle List: Stacey Jackson, singer/songwriter, TV presenter and entrepreneur

Read on to discover our latest interviewee’s answers for The Luxury Lifestyle List.

By LLM Reporters  |  July 9, 2022
Stacey Jackson

We caught up with Stacey Jackson, a singer/songwriter, TV presenter, entrepreneur and mother of four.

Stacey has built a successful career in the music scene with chart-topping dance hits in the UK and US since 2010, including a collaboration with iconic rapper Snoop Dogg and has recently been featured in a Hollywood film Reboot Camp, out now on Sky Movies and on all streaming platforms. 

Not only are her songs played in the clubs, on radio stations and in fitness studios around the globe, Stacey is a television presenter on Sky and has a strong social media base. She also has a range of patented technical fitness apparel, StaeFitwhich she sold on Ideal Home Shopping Channel and is also currently available on Amazon.  

Stacey’s TV show, ‘Stacey Jackson in the 80’s‘ premiered in June 2021 and airs weekly on Sky’s music channel 365 (Spotlight TV) where she presents nostalgic 1980s music with humorous anecdotes and her bubbly personality. She has so far written, researched, and presented over 40 episodes for the series.

My car of choice

My car of choice would have to be my Mini Cooper. It’s the perfect car to get me from A to B around London and super easy to park.

My favourite holiday destination

I love anywhere that has both mountains and water as I love the beach, but I also love to climb mountains. I absolutely adore Sardinia, the water is crystal clear and the beaches are magnificent, but the hiking is also spectacular. 

Stacey Jackson

My gadget I can’t live without

No doubt my iPhone. I can hum a top line to a song into the voice notes, FaceTime my kids, plan my diary, answer emails, listen to my music, take photos, engage with my fans, plus more, all one one device. I can’t think of anything else in my lifetime that has enabled so much ease. 

My go to fashion brand

I actually love Veronica Beard. Her Dickie jackets are incredible, I think I have a dozen of them! You can interchange zip in ‘false’ hoodies and jumpers without the added bulkiness and it’s so easy to travel with because, with one jacket, you can create so many different looks. 

My airline of choice

I’ve been super loyal to British Airways for over 20 years and it’s definitely my go-to airline –  but since the pandemic, air travel on most airlines hasn’t been that smooth or glamorous. 

My favourite watch brand

My hubby bought me a very special Rolex for our 25th anniversary but I don’t wear watches much, because I have my phone with me all the time!

Stacey Jackson

My favourite restaurant

Lucio in Cheslea, hands down. It’s amazing Italian food, owned and operated by the charming Lucio and equally charming sons Darius and Mirko. We go there at least once or twice a week. 

My guilty pleasure

At the moment, it would have to be binge watching Ted Lasso. I’m obsessed with it! It’s brilliantly written, the characters are endearing and I love the whole premise of an American football coach coming over here to coach Premier League soccer. I think am also still a bit of a foreigner in the UK so I relate to a lot of the jokes on so many different levels. Plus, I can concur with his not liking to drink tea! 

My favourite way to give back

My career in the UK took off after working very closely with the charity Music for Youth. I love mentoring kids and encouraging people to try to be their best selves and to follow their passions. I am also involved with breast cancer charities on both sides of the pond as well as a patron on the Serpentine arts council.