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The Luxury Lifestyle List: Tara Shaw, leading interior designer and author

By LLM Reporters  |  March 25, 2021
Tara Shaw, leading interior designer

We caught up with Tara Shaw, the leading New Orleans interior designer, antique dealer, furniture designer and author. Tara has been serving up her curated selection of old world Europe for 25 years, specialising in Swedish, French, and Italian pieces.

My car of choice

The Mercedes G-Wagon. I was one of the first to buy a G-Wagon when they were first imported in the US. I had two of these up until a couple of years ago when I traded out my G-Wagon for a Mercedes station wagon and immediately regretted my purchase – what was I thinking?

My favourite holiday destination

My favourite holiday destination has to be, without a doubt, Lucca, Italy. There’s nothing better than staying in the centre of the city and riding your bicycle to antique fairs and through narrow passageways to discover the locals’ favourite restaurants and shops. 

My gadget I can’t live without

I can’t live without my iPhone and computer. If you see me, these Apple products are bound to be somewhere close. The only problem with these two gadgets is that I never stop working no matter where I am. 

Tara Shaw, leading interior designer

My go to fashion brand

CO is my favourite clothing brand. CO is an LA based women’s wear company that is season-less, chic, and classic. They offer minimal dressing at its best. I find their seasonal lines can go from everyday office attire to client meetings and then dinner at night. 

My airline of choice

I have always, and will always fly American Airlines. I have been around the world on this airline or their airline partners and I am very loyal to the brand. My over two million airline points make American Airlines an obvious choice for travel whether it be a national or international flight. 

My favourite watch brand

My favourite watch brand is Rolex. I have great watches, I bought a gold Rolex Yacht Master in the 90s and I also have a Datejust in a stainless steel that’s much more casual for when I am working hands-on with clients and out in the fields. My dad wears a President Rolex and my husband wears a Submariner Rolex with a blue face. I guess good taste runs in the family. 

Tara Shaw, leading interior designer

My favourite restaurant

Patois – it is a local neighbourhood restaurant in Uptown New Orleans that serves the best gumbo in the city. The produce is all from local farmers, it is truly upscale farm to fork dining known for its local offerings. 

My guilty pleasure

My guilty pleasure is simply reading in the sun. There is nothing better than enjoying a good book by my pool outside on the weekend. My dermatologist is always nagging me about needing to wear a 50 SPF sunscreen but for some reason I stick with a 15 SPF because who doesn’t like to look tanned? Allowing myself to disconnect for even an hour is a gift.

My favourite way to give back

New Orleans is a melting pot of diversity and culture which made it so easy for me to fall in love with the city. I always felt that my business of working with people in my spiritual based recovery programs has been one of the greatest gifts. Working beside these people, giving them job opportunities and investing in the welfare of all neighbourhoods is my favourite way to give back to my community.