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The Luxury Lifestyle List: Tonya Barnard and Rea Hill, AKA ‘The Property Twins’

By LLM Reporters  |  January 20, 2021

We caught up with Tonya Barnard and Rea Hill, better known as ‘The Property Twins‘. With the motto ‘we close deals in heels’ the sisters bring some serious glamour and sophistication to the property industry while garnering a reputation for their fiery and honest approach.

The twins began their careers working as trainees in estate agents before setting up their own successful property companies some years later. From lettings, sales, design, renovation projects and property investment, Tonya and Rea cover all things property.

My car of choice

Rea: It would have to be a Mercedes Benz G Glass, custom made with black everything! I love Mercedes in general and currently drive a GLE Sport so this would be the dream car for me.

Tonya: The Bentley Continental has been sitting on my vision board for several years, I’ve always loved them and to me it’s the dream car.

My favourite holiday destination

Rea: I absolutely love to travel although we haven’t been able to recently. I love the culture and history of city breaks but also love the beauty and relaxation of a beach holiday. My favourite country has to be Italy where there is so much to see and it’s truly beautiful. Although this may change as I plan to visit Caribbean this year.

Tonya: I adore Italy and I like to visit a new part every year. It’s such a beautiful country, so romantic and the food is amazing. Last year My Husband and I visited Monopoli together and we loved every minute. I can’t wait to go back.

the property twins
Tonya (left) and Rea (right) are better known as ‘The Property Twins’

My gadget I can’t live without

Rea: Very boring and we all have one, but a phone. I run my life via my phone, like most do these days.

Tonya: I’m the least gadgety person ever! But I guess it would be my phone as I use it daily for work, posting about our property journey and networking. Our social media platforms have really helped us get exposure and build our property brand.

My go to fashion brand

Rea: We absolutely love the variety of the high-street, being petite it’s difficult to find latest designer trends that fit us. My go to would be Zara. If I want a bit of luxury and it’s a special occasion, I do love a bit of Louis Vuitton, it’s classic and something I can hand down in years to come.

Tonya: I’d have to say Zara for day to day fashion, I can always pick out an outfit in there and it’s affordable, but if I want something a bit more special I go to Reiss.

My airline of choice

Rea: We have flown with so many different airlines over the years but you can’t beat British Airways. Although we also had a fantastic flight service to Las Vegas via Virgin, they really took care of us and the complimentary drinks and food were very pleasant.

Tonya: For short distance I always go with British Airlines but my Favourite Airline would be Cathay Pacific. The service was amazing and they really looked after us when we stuck in the air with them when we hit the 2010 Ash Cloud. Whilst many were left stranded we were really taken care of until they could get us home.

My favourite watch brand

Rea: It would have to be Rolex, I wear a vintage Datejust 26. I prefer the smaller models as I’m very petite. I find the Jubilee Bracelet with steel/gold and diamonds very elegant and timeless. They hold their money very well and if well looked after are great investment pieces.

Tonya: Rolex, I’ve always loved and wanted a Rolex as they are just so timeless and classy. My husband bought me the most beautiful Rolex watch after the birth of our little boy Drew and I will treasure it forever.

the property twins
Tonya (left) and Rea (right) say that when it comes to selling a home honesty is the best policy

My favourite restaurant

Rea: For all round service and lovely food, I would have to say Kaspars at The Savoy – London. My husband treated me to a lovely stay on my 30th and my sister and I have since been back. The restaurant has a beautiful Art Deco inspired theme throughout and it really takes you back. The scallops are divine and not to mention the cocktails at the Beaufort Bar which all come with their own piece of history.

Tonya: I’d say La Terrazza in Firenze would top my list. I first visited in 2015 with my husband and daughter Avie who was a baby at the time and have since returned. The hotel and grounds are stunning and the restaurant overlooks Florence city centre, it’s truly breath-taking and the food and service is in a class of its own.

My guilty pleasure

Rea: Chocolate, anything chocolate! I can’t go a day without a piece and I love nothing more than relaxing with a magazine and a chocolate bar.

Tonya: A very self-indulgent spa break, it’s my favourite thing to do!

My favourite way to give back

Rea: Giving is giving, and I do not have a favourite although we like to give locally where we can. Every day we try to think of others. My company Rose Hill Design and Build ltd recently supplied and replanted the gardens of our local charity run preschool, which had sadly all died due to lockdown. We couldn’t have the children return to school without a pretty garden to see. Last year we also arranged a big charity collection to gather everyday items, from toiletries to sleeping bags, for the homeless.

Tonya: To just be kind above anything else and teaching my children the same. No one knows what anyone is going through behind the scenes. Just the smallest of gestures can go a long way.