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las vegas at night

10 amazing things to do in Las Vegas

By LLM Reporters on 16th August 2019

Las Vegas – the party capital of the world is calling your name, but it wants more than just your lucky draw in blackjack. Nevada’s most famous city is known for its neon lights, upscale shops and rambunctious crowds, which resonates mainly from the famous Strip, but what visitors don’t see is its natural surrounding and vibrant culture. On your next trip to “Sin City”, skip the poker tables for a day to visit a museum, explore life beyond the Strip and eat your heart out at many of the culinary options available.

Here are just 10 wonderful things you can do in Las Vegas.

1. Ride through the Venetian

If you don’t get the chance to visit Venice this summer, don’t worry because Vegas has it all, including a Venetian section. You can take a gondola ride through the Grand Canal, which is flanked on either side by quaint cafes and restaurants. You will think you’re in Italy when you bite into authentic Italian cuisine and sip on some Tuscan red—Afterall you’re on holiday.

The world famous Vegas Strip is home to some of the largest hotels and casinos in the world. Image credit: lucky-photographer/

2. Take a hike in a national park

Beyond the flashing lights and megastructures, there’s a whole desert out there waiting to be explored. Located only a short drive away, which can be accessed for free, you could come face to face with the Death Valley National Park, Valley of Fire or famous, Red Rock Canyon. Hike the trails, take in the scenes and enjoy the peace and quiet before venturing back into the wild—that is the Strip.

3. Enjoy the fountain show

No trip to Las Vegas is complete without taking a moment to enjoy the spectacular Fountain of Bellagio. The spectacle of lights, sounds, and spurting water is a feast for the eyes and your senses. It’s one of the many places where you can experience the magic the city is known for. Stand in front of the Bellagio hotel for the best view and the best few minutes of your trip—and maybe lifetime.

4. The Las Vegas sign

As soon as you enter the city, you will notice the famous “welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign. Even if you’ve never been to the city before, you have probably seen it in movies and on postcards, so take a moment to snap a few photos. Trust us, you’re going to want to post this on Instagram. The sign is located on the south end of the Las Vegas Boulevard, otherwise known as the Strip.

las vegas sign
As soon as you enter the city, you will notice the famous “welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign

5. Take a gamble

A trip to “Sin City” is never complete without participating in a little risqué business—in this case gambling at a casino. You have your pick from sports betting at Caesars Palace, playing poker at the Bellagio or hitting the tables at the Golden Nugget, Las Vegas has it all and then some. If you want to avoid the crowds, you can still experience it online with just a laptop and a good internet connection at the comfort of your hotel room. You basically get to enjoy the thrill of the Strip while staying anonymous and never leaving your room.

6. Visit the Grand Canyon in style

If you’re living it up in Las Vegas, why not go all out with a visit to The Grand Canyon in style. You can book a helicopter ride from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon where you will enjoy a birds-eye view of the Strip, Canyon and all the sights along the way. You basically get a unique and new perspective on this great American landmark.

A trip to “Sin City” is never complete without participating in a little risqué business—in this case gambling at a casino

7. Catch a show with your family

Who says Las Vegas isn’t a family destination? Apart from gambling and hiking, Las Vegas is notorious for its shows. Be amazed by the jumping, leaping and bounding acrobats in Cirque d’ Soleil at the Bellagio or catch a famous Blue Man Group performance at the Luxor. There are shows happening every night in the several hotels along the strip, so if you’re into magic or drama, this is the place for you.

8. Go on a culinary adventure

From upscale restaurants to old haunts, Las Vegas has many culinary options available for you to try. You can sample a buffet, wrap your hands around a Gordon Ramsay burger or visit a local bar to satisfy your cravings. As for buffets, Las Vegas is notorious for going above and beyond, and this is no exception. Just think of all the culinary adventures that await.

Grand Canyon
If you’re living it up in Las Vegas, why not go all out with a visit to The Grand Canyon in style

9. Get pampered

The desert can be harsh on the skin, but luckily there is an endless supply of spas, on the Strip and around Las Vegas. Splurge and pamper yourself at the Canyon Ranch Spa as you introduce a whole new world of relaxation. The spa is renowned for its deep tissue massage and excellent therapy sessions, so we suggest booking a session, or two.

10. Explore a museum or art gallery

Don’t be fooled by its exterior and reputation, Las Vegas is a center for culture littered with history and art exhibits. You can explore the Neon Museum in the great Mob Museum to learn about the history of organized crime in America. For all the history buffs out there, there will always be something for everyone.

A visit to Las Vegas has enough glitz and glam to fill you up for a lifetime and the iconic neon lights and infamous Strip are just the start of this iconic American city. Whether you’re looking to let go, to find something new or looking for an adventure, a trip to Las Vegas has something for everyone, and it will always be a memorable one.