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2019 travel trends see death of the two week holiday for luxury travellers

With 2019 finally here, there are several trends being brought to light that will change luxury travel, such as the introduction of the ‘Ninetynite’, where the top 1 per cent are deciding to prolong their holidays for up to three months at a time and preferring to commute to work from warmer climates.

According to the new research by the world’s first luxury travel social marketplace, Stay One Degree, there are seven new trends changing the ways of luxury travel. From extending holidays to prioritising self-discovery and wellbeing, luxury travel is changing in 2019.

In order to see how their client’s tastes were evolving, Stay One Degree decided to conduct in-depth research within its network. 3,460 responses showed how clients wish to travel in 2019.


Luxury high-earning travellers will be enjoying their getaways for at least one month in 2019

As we approach the cold, dreary winter months, it’s not surprising that luxury travellers are desperately excited for their next getaway. Stay One Degree has revealed that according to their research, the top 1 per cent are no longer satisfied with their two-week summer holiday.

Deciding that indulging in longer stays is a far more rewarding experience, luxury high-earning travellers will be enjoying their getaways for at least one month; extending this beyond three months will not be rare. This trend will see businessmen and women relocating their families to a central holiday home in sunnier climates, whilst preferring the commute to work.

Travel expert Simon Calder sees that there is notable evidence to prove that “families are not able to make a great escape in the way they once did”. He states that the “twenty-first-century reality is that many organisations expect that their top people will be in constant contact, and families are having to adapt to that change”.

Connecting luxury global travellers and passionate homeowners to their awe-inspiring holiday homes, Stay One Degree currently hosts over 1,500 properties in 54 countries and has more than 10,000 clients since launching in December 2017.

Callum Watt, the Marketing Director at Stay One Degree agrees with Calder, stating that “it’s been a noticeable shift for next year’s ways of travelling. The Stay One Degree properties are getting booked up for three months at a time, so much so that ‘the Ninetynite trip’ has been coined amongst the homeowners.


Sikinos is a beautiful small and secluded island in southern Cyclades, Greece

It seems that luxury travel is becoming more adventurous as millennials and new luxury consumers are opting for new destinations to unexpected, unexplored and secluded locations, rather than visiting more localised areas.

According to the research, 30 per cent of high-earning travellers prefer to travel alone in order to indulge themselves in solitude and peacefulness. Due to this, there has also been an 86 per cent rise of helipads, making this a must-have at any chosen destination.

The search for private islands and private jets has also continued to increase dramatically throughout the last 12 months, considering that 32 per cent of clients stated this necessity, making this a requirement for luxury travellers. Thankfully, Stay One Degree has been offering a series of private islands via its network since launching in 2017.


Yoga retreats remain highly favoured

The aim of travelling varies for everybody, as some search for adventure and others aim for moments filled with spontaneity. However, 30 per cent of luxury travellers have said that activities involving mindfulness and wellbeing are their main priority when booking their next destination.

Yoga retreats remain highly favoured, yet there is a noticeable increase in popularity towards spiritual guidance and self-discovery treatments as these apparently are becoming a necessity when securing a booking.

Overall, the value of the wellness tourism continuously increases as figures from The Global Health and Wellness Tourism 2018 report shows that this sector is growing by 12 per cent annually, whilst the non-spa-related segment of healthy travel markets now portrays 59 per cent of all wellness related trips. Wellness tourists spend on average 130 per cent more than ordinary travellers, which is understandable considering that consumers are increasingly becoming more health conscious, pro-active and determined to prioritise health and wellness breaks which takes care of the mind, body and spirit.


According to the research conducted by Stay One Degree, 16 per cent of high-net-worth travellers said that the environment is a top concern when deciding on a destination

According to the research conducted by Stay One Degree, 16 per cent of high-net-worth travellers said that the environment is a top concern when deciding on a destination. With increased awareness, bookings for ethical and eco-friendly escapes are predicted to rise by 70 per cent within the network that has an emphasis on properties with natural energy and locally sourced produce.

Martin Raymond, the co-founder of LS:N Global, an insights platform which documents consumer behaviour and key industry trends, explained how this trend “is being driven by new shifts in luxury tastes for more considered travel moments at one end of the market and by Millennials at the other who are keen on low impact, high-purpose experiences where there is a direct link between the spends you make and the how this money is used locally”.

Conscious travellers are always aware of how to improve the environment by saving energy and spending money on projects that demonstrate a long-term impact on the communities and the people living in them. Fortunately, holiday rentals on the Stay One Degree network have direct relationships with the local communities.


For many travellers, an important factor for a holiday is the ability to learn a new skill

For many travellers, an important factor for a holiday is the ability to learn a new skill, and for 21 per cent, this is apparently the most important factor. Time for luxury travellers is precious, which is why they are now desperate to make full use of their getaway by bringing back something priceless, memorable and enriching to their lives.

Mr Calder continued to say how “experiences are being seen as more valuable than possessions, so people are increasingly keen to acquire a new skill on holiday”.

Due to this high-demand, Stay One Degree now offers a list of private instructors across the world that are available to visit the home rentals and teach the clients various skills.

Marketing Director, Callum Watt, mentioned how “our members are increasingly looking for more varied holidays, and interesting homes to stay in. Combining this with the opportunity to learn a bespoke new skill from that country and a local specialist artist is a great memory to take home”.


A great culinary experience is desired as a third of those surveyed saying they actively seek okay food specific destinations

Unsurprisingly, a great culinary experience is desired as a third of those surveyed saying they actively seek okay food specific destinations with access to Michelin Starred restaurants, local produce markets and nearby culinary courses. A personal chef is also on high-demand as 65 per cent of high-earners saying that it would be necessary to have a chef at their holiday home for the duration of their stay.

This culinary trend has continued to rise throughout travel as a wide number of people desire travelling for beverage and food-based experiences which they cannot find in their countries. A number of Stay One Degree homes accommodate these demands by offering their clients wine cellars and gastronomical experiences by being well situated.

Global luxury travellers are booking holiday homes specifically in France, where they can indulge themselves through wine tasting whilst savouring a vast variety of French cheeses. Clients of Stay One Degree are spoilt for choice as the network holds a variety of properties featuring their own vineyards and wine cellars. One of the favourites in the area is the breathtaking Château in Burgundy, Romenay.

Another tasteful destination on the rise in Thailand, as travellers want authenticity when travelling. With the culinary scene vibrant especially in Phuket and Bangkok, it is no surprise that this location is growing in popularity, and Stay One Degree members have commended the beautiful Thai Villa overlooking Phuket’s Western coast.

Spain has been predicted to be the most popular destination for 2019, attracting global travellers with their local restaurants and rich produce. Tapas has become a popular culinary staple for visitors. Visit Stay One Degree’s Costa Brava Villa and experience the tastes Spain has to offer.


Phuket, Thailand
Phuket in Thailand is a truly stunning destination

Finally, when it comes to luxury travel, finding the perfect location is key. According to the research conducted by Stay One Degree, Sri Lanka, Canada and Barbados make up the top destinations to explore in 2019. Europe continues to stay on the top ten list, with favourites such as Spain, France and Scotland ranking the highest.

The Asia Pacific is also proving popular with Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines within the top ten. All these top ten destinations offer specifically the trends previously mentioned so it is of no surprise that luxury travellers aim to travel to these beautiful locations in a bid to broaden wellness, culinary experience, learn a skill, enjoy seclusion, and improve their mind and self-discovery.

Most popular destinations for 2019:

Sri Lanka