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3 of the best sporting attractions in New York City

New York City is one of the most visited cities in the world and is always high on the bucket list of many tourists across the world.

By LLM Reporters  |  December 23, 2021
Yankee Stadium at night
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New York City is a wondrous place full of sights, shopping, bars, restaurants, natural spaces, museums, galleries, and entertainment at every turn, ready to have any visitor or resident thoroughly engaged at all times.

Dubbed ‘the city that never sleeps’, New York is a metropolis that houses 11 major league sports franchises – more than any other city in the expansive country – and those who live there, travel frequently or who are planning a trip will, no doubt, enjoy heading to one of the impressive stadiums or arenas to take in some of the action.

From ice hockey to basketball and American football to baseball and soccer, the 11 big teams hold numerous events throughout the year to keep those sports fanatics occupied and entertained. Baseball fans have the Yankees and the Mets, football fans have the Giants and the Jets, the Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets represent basketball teams in the NBA, soccer fans will have the Red Bulls and New York City FC and NHL teams in the city are represented by the Rangers, Islanders and the New Jersey Devils.

If you have a trip planned in at some point in the future, and you wish to take in a sporting event the American way – trust us, it’s worth it – then read on for three of the best sporting attractions in New York City for you to choose from. covers the current sportsbooks on New York and being so in the know about all of the best action there is to take in across the stadiums and arenas, they have complied this list with us. How many have you visited, or plan to visit?

Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden
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Known locally as The Garden or MSG, this midtown Manhattan multi-purpose arena is home to basketball’s the Knicks, ice hockey’s Rangers and St John’s Red Storm men’s basketball. Opened in 1968, the arena has a capacity of 20,789 and is a popular choice of venue for those visiting the city due to its central location. Aside from that, The Garden hosts music events from some of the world’s biggest acts, comedy tours, and WWE fans also get the chance to spot their favourite entertainers here.

Those looking to elevate their visit will certainly be able to do so with the range of premium hospitality options here. From visits to the locker rooms to the range of clubs and lounges to relax in between all of the sporting action with food and beverages on tap, why not go all out on your next visit?

MetLife Stadium

Metlife Stadium new york
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Home to the Jets and the Giants, this 82,500-seat stadium is one of the largest in the National Football League and hosts 20 games per season, so it’s safe to say that it certainly sees a lot of sporting action. With state-of-the-art technology, amenities and $1.6 billion price tag, guests are well-treated here, and it’s not just American football that draws the crowds here as this stadium plays host to some rather large events. From the Super Bowl XLVIII to WWE’s WrestleMania to musical acts including U2, Taylor Swift and Bruce Springsteen, there are plenty of reasons that the 2.1 million square foot MetLife Stadium makes it onto this list.

Discerning visitors will likely want to head to one of the 200 plus suites, which house 16 to 24 guests per suite and undoubtedly provide the best seats in the house. There are also five premium lounges that guests can visit which host a range of exciting features such as a martini lounge, celebrity chef cooking areas and a post-game interview room.

Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium
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Home to baseball’s New York Yankees, Yankee Stadium opened in 2009 at a cost of $1.6 billion and holds a capacity of 50,287. Not the original ground of this baseball team, which was established in 1901, but a highly suitable home to host this iconic club, no doubt, with plenty of careful consideration to its history. Monument Park honours past players, while Yankees Museum displays memorabilia from teams of the past, and children’s zone is there to encourage younger fans to get involved.

The stadium also hosts college football games, soccer and boxing matches, concerts, and more, and boasts a range of luxury suites for visitors who wish to make the very best of their visit. From luxury suites to host between 10 and 36, party suites for 35 to 80, field MVP outdoor suite boxes for six to 10 and the Club Suite for 45 to 100 guests, which come with parking spaces, private viewing, food and drink, a scoreboard message and comfortable seating, it would certainly be an experience to remember.