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3 sustainable luxury holidays to undertake for the environmentally conscious

By LLM Reporters  |  July 23, 2021

Luxury travel and sustainability used to be considered diametrically opposed. Luxurious holidaying typically had connotations of wastefulness and thoughtless pollution, however, with increased public awareness of impending environmental catastrophe, all this has changed.

From how we travel to our favoured destinations, to the sustainable practices that our awaiting accommodation has signed up for and actively encourages, how we holiday has changed. Still don’t believe us? Here are just three of the amazing selection of sustainable luxury holidays out there for the environmentally conscious to embark on, from a cycling holiday to glamping to a diving holiday that makes a difference.

Cycling tour to the Pont Du Gard

pont du gard
The Pont Du Gard is one of the most incredible ancient structures in France. Image credit: Life on White/

The Pont Du Gard is one of the most incredible ancient structures in France. A three-tiered Roman aqueduct, it stretches magnificently over the river Gardon near Avignon. Avignon has some incredible luxury hotels, medieval architecture, and a very impressive culinary culture, however, driving or flying down to the south of France is not very good for the environment.

For the adventurous traveller looking to end up in a luxury location, taking a week to cycle along France’s well-developed bike routes down to the Pont Du Gard can be an incredible journey. Of course, you need to be strong-willed and able to stomach long rides every day, but the reward will definitely be worth it, and you will see some of France’s most incredible countryside along your travels.

Glamping in the Welsh countryside

Glamping is a popular way to switch off and recharge while considering the more important things in life

Perhaps you want to experience a little more comfort in the wild than a cycling tour can accommodate. Who can blame you? Saddle rash is not for everybody. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to camp sustainably (and luxuriously) in the British countryside. Take, for instance, Valley Yurts in Wales. This sustainable glamping company hires out extremely luxurious Mongolian-style yurts in the heart of the Welsh hills, close to lots of amazing wild swimming spots.

Each yurt also comes with a water butt, which collects rainwater that can then be used for washing clothes and pans. After looking at these global water facts, you might think a bit more carefully about where you get your water from if you want to holiday sustainably. Of course, sustainable living is not just something you do on holiday, thinking about reducing water usage in business or at home is equally as important in tackling the encroaching global water crisis.

Diving in Indonesia

A diving holiday is one of the most exciting and eye-opening kinds of travel that you can engage in

A diving holiday is one of the most exciting and eye-opening kinds of travel that you can engage in. Seeing the majesty of the undersea environment open out in front of you is a breath-taking experience. Unfortunately, these environments are under threat, but you can help preserve endangered undersea environments by taking a diving holiday in Indonesia at the Misool eco-resort. This private island is dedicated to giving divers a first-rate experience in a beautiful coral reef – all while funding the conservation of local marine life. It has been an amazing success and it is not often that you hear the words ‘private island’ and ‘sustainable’ in the same breath!

The marine wildlife conservation area funded by the Misool eco-resort covers 300,000 acres. It has been an amazing success and protects mangrove forests, reefs, and fragile populations of marine animals. So, if you want to go on a diving holiday that helps the earth instead of hindering it, consider travelling to Misool’s island paradise.

The bottom line

If you feel the need for an amazing travel experience, but also want to keep sustainability at the forefront, you will be pleased to know that there are many different types of holiday you can undertake that will not only leave you with a clear conscious, but will help you to actively engage in thinking and doing your part for the environment, too.