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5 things to do on a cruise during sea days

By Natasha Heard  |  December 9, 2020

When embarking on a cruise there are many things you will be looking forward to; the overall escape, the sheer luxury and top-notch service, the amazing places you’ll visit along the way and the amenities on board ship itself.

The megastructures encompass a wide range of restaurants and bars, shops, sporting facilities, entertainments spots and wellness amenities on top of glorious accommodation, much of which boast first rate views of the surrounding scenery.

Anyone who has embraced the wonderful experience of a cruise vacation will appreciate the seemingly endless array of experiences they can partake in on the ship, and those who get the most out of the cruise will have certainly got involved with as much as they can. Of course, the ship and facilities are just as important as the places you get to visit along the way with many sea days being thrown into the trip too. It doesn’t matter whether you are touring the Mediterranean, going on a Baltic cruise or sailing to the Caribbean, you are going to experience sea days – these are the days in which you’ll be cruising the sea between destinations, and some cruises have more than one back to back.

Cruise ships have some amazing amenities, so do your research and find the best trip for you. Image credit: Junce/

When choosing your cruise vacation, it is important to take this into consideration – if you’re looking to relax in the bar with a book during every spare moment then this won’t matter, but if you like to be kept busy and entertained then study the on-board amenities of the ship you are looking to cruise on and make sure you’ll be happy during the sea days you encounter.

Providing you picked the ultimate cruise for you and your travel companions, you will still be looking for some inspiration for the days in between docking up, so we’ve put together five things you can do on a cruise during sea days.

Check out the activities

You will, no doubt, spend a lot of time planning what you’ll be doing when you reach each of your onshore destinations, but if you are a new cruiser, it will be a good idea to plan what to do on sea days too. Taking a look at the facilities available on board will help to give you an idea of what you can do. Most cruises will also have a timetable of activities, and more often than not you will be left with a timetable of the following day’s events after your room has been turned down each evening.

There will be many activities you can partake in, from spa events, quizzes and ice-skating to cinema screenings, casino events and evening entertainment in the theatre. The bigger the cruise ship, the more activities you will be able to embrace and there will certainly be something you will enjoy taking part in, no matter what your tastes.

The bigger the ship, the more on board facilities you will find. Image credit: NAN728/

Enjoy some exercise

If there is one thing that everyone loves on a cruise it is the endless amount of food that is served up all day long. There will be an array of different eateries you can attend at any time of day and it is very easy to put on weight during your vacation. That is, of course, part of the fun and there is no shame in indulging in the fine foods being served up, but if you like to keep active, then there are plenty of ways to do so on a cruise. Whether it’s heading on an outdoor running track, taking part in a fitness class, playing a game of basketball, heading to the gym or simply partaking in a walk around the outer deck you are likely to find a way to keep yourself active.

Surf the web

A lot of cruise ships now offer reliable Wi-Fi on board – sometimes you have to pay for this, but it may be included in your expenses. Either way, staying connected is a good way to enjoy yourself on sea days and may be beneficial too if you need to catch up on a little work. You can post those beautiful photographs you’ve been taking on social media and keep your family and friends updated, perhaps catch up on the latest news or enjoy those addictive games you have on your phone. For instance, many users find bonus offers online and enjoy their favourite casino games when they are at sea – a great alternative if your cruise doesn’t have its own on-board casino.

There should be a good selection of bars you can head, all of which will offer a different vibe

Head to the shops

Almost all cruise ships will have shops and boutiques that you can head to when you are at sea, and the biggest benefit is that the goods you buy are often duty free. From designer handbags to souvenirs themed to your destination, you can spend a few hours browsing and buying up a selection of desirable items. There may be sales on sea days too and if you stock up on some souvenirs for loved ones then when you are on shore you can concentrate on experiencing the best of the destination you find yourself in.

Dress up and enjoy the bar

Cruises are one of the best types of vacations for socialising and making friends. Your fellow passengers should be in good spirits and there will be many opportunities to chat, from mealtimes to time spent at the bar and also during days out.

On sea days though you find yourself with more opportunities to converse with others than any other time and the bars will be a good place to do this – especially if you have a drinks package included in your trip. Get dressed up and embrace the cruise life for all that it offers, and you will have the trip of a lifetime.