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6 of the most romantic places in the world to propose

By LLM Reporters on 14th March 2019

Asking the person you love to spend the rest of their life with you is the most important question you will ever ask.

The proposal will be a memory that you will both treasure, therefore the beauty of the location should reflect the romance of the occasion.

For your benefit we’ve put together our list of the 6 most romantic places in the world to propose.

Tulum, Mexico

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The ancient Mayan City of Tulum is one of Mexico’s best-preserved historical coastal sites. Its pristine white beaches, gorgeous boutique hotels and chilled out atmosphere, is guaranteed to provide a romantic atmosphere for that special moment.

You can wine and dine your lover before taking a midnight dip in the Caribbean sea. Also, don’t forget the flowers! LolaFlora Mexico can deliver the bouquet of your choice to add an extra touch of elegance to your perfect proposal

Granada, Spain

This historical Spanish City is probably best known for its Alhambra. The beautifully preserved Moorish palace is Spain’s best example of Islamic architecture. Its exquisite tiled terraces and idyllic gardens will take your breath away and act as a stunning backdrop for your proposal.

If you love flowers, LolaFlora Spain tells us that this is a dreamy place for your proposal. Nightingales sing in trees and the air is infused with the scent of orange blossom, roses and myrtle trees.

New York, USA

new york

New York City is perhaps the most well-known city in the world. We’ve all seen the Big Apple in movies and TV shows but seeing New York in real life is an incredible experience.

From crossing the Brooklyn Bridge in a Yellow Cab to being dazzled by the bright lights of Time Square, you’ll feel like you are starring in your own movie. Take a horse-drawn carriage around Central Park with your love and an elevator into the clouds in the Empire State building for a proposal either of you will ever forget.

Heidelberg, Germany

Heidelberg nestles on the banks of the River Neckar in the Rhine Rift Valley. Because of its warm climate, Heidelberg is one of the only places in Germany where you can see almond, fig and olive trees. The region even has a wild population of African parakeets!

The Old Town of Heidelberg is characterized by long, narrow streets and majestic Renaissance architecture. The cobblestone streets and squares are home to quaint cafés, bars, and restaurants and at the highest point of the city, Heidelberg Castle is the perfect place to watch the sunset together and is even more of a perfect place to propose.

Maldives, South Asia

Maldives Island has some of the world’s most popular destinations chosen by couples for engagements, honeymoons, and romantic getaways. It’s no wonder that this tropical location is so popular with its turquoise waters, immaculate sandy beaches, and friendly locals, not to mention unique accommodations over water.

The Maldives are especially popular with ocean-lovers and boast incredible reefs for diving and snorkeling.

Tbilisi, Georgia

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Tbilisi is one of the oldest capital cities in the world. Since it was founded in the 5th century, it has been controlled by Romans, Persians, Arabs, Turkish, Persians, and the Mongolians!

All of these cultures have left their mark on the architecture and culture of this extraordinary city where the ancient and the ultra-modern live side by side. Tbilisi’s thermal springs have been used for 7,000 years and continue to bring health-giving, mineral waters to visitors, today. It could also be the perfect place to propose – amidst history.