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7 things to do before your flight

Holidays are an escape from reality and a chance to explore another aspect of the world. It can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of prioritising the best places to eat and the weather but always make time for the important things that often get overlooked.

The experts at Baltic Travel Company have revealed the top 7 things you need to do before you sit on your flight ready to take off – you need to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

1.) Prepare your house

Whilst you’re away you shouldn’t have to worry about your home being safe – take actions before you leave so your mind is at rest. It is recommended to place a stop or hold on your post and deliveries by visiting your nearest postal branch, this avoids post building up in your porch or home.

Flying, for many, is one of the most stressful things they undertake. Image credit: gar1984/

2.) Make copies

The worst nightmare would be losing your passport or your boarding pass when travelling, you can be one step ahead and avoid this by making copies. All the important documents, including a copy of the contents of your wallet, passport, visas, prescriptions should be copied and kept in a safe place on your journey. Do not keep the copies with your actual passport, instead leave the copies in a safe in the hotel room and when you’re travelling leave one in your locked luggage and one in your carry on.

3.) Pack smart

Be sure to check your airline’s baggage allowance to confirm the size, weight and number of carry-on bags you are allowed. Top tips for packing light and smart: everything in your carry-on should be things that you would need to survive if you lost your luggage which includes your passport, ID, wallet, tickets and travel documents. Think about packing a change of clothes, charger and snacks in case of delays.

4.) Dress smart

Dress so you have ease when going through security and comfort post flight. Stick to wrinkle-free fabrics, such as tight knits and wool. For flights that pass through the night, a pair of comfy leggings or stretchy jeans will be beneficial. It is best to stay away from belts, hats and an excessive amount of jewellery if you can as this will only slow you down and cause more hassle than it’s worth. Air-conditioned flights can leave you with a chill so ensure to pack a jumper.

Dress so you have ease when going through security and comfort post flight

5.) Freshen up

The feeling after a flight is not the best, especially an overnight one. It is amazing what a difference having toothpaste, mouthwash and a facial wipe on hand can be. Using these during and after the flight can freshen up your appearance and make you feel ready to enjoy every aspect of your new destination when you land.

6.) Charge up

Your phone and other electronic devices are more than likely to be with you all the way through the flight so make sure the devices are fully charged. Backup charger supplies are inexpensive, and they can save you if your devices lose battery.

7.) Carry some money

Relying on your card when you’re travelling is a common mistake made by traveller’s. Be sure to withdraw the right amount and plan, as taking out an excessive amount of cash prior to the trip will leave you short – its much cheaper to withdraw this abroad.