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Adlabs Imagica: A complete entertainment destination

Adlabs Imagica

On Valentine’s Day I decided to spend a fun day at Imagica, India’s first and largest family holiday and entertainment destination of international standards. Imagica is spread over 138 acres just off the Mumbai Pune Expressway and is popular with people of all age groups. Whether it’s a family outing or a picnic with friends or colleagues or even a solo trip, Imagica is the perfect place to unwind.

My fun outing started with a delicious burger at Red Bonnet American Diner and then I was driven in a buggy (a cute little cart which runs on battery) to Salimgarh which is the house of horrors. Red Bonnet American Diner takes its inspiration from the 60′s American Diner, complete with vintage cars, dining tables and sitting area. This is the perfect place to indulge in American comfort food such as fries, classic burgers and more. Then I decided to go to I for India and it’s something I have never experienced earlier. I for India is the country’s first simulation ride that gives visitors the experience of virtually flying over India. What a brilliant concept!

Adlabs Imagica

Imagica offers a host of food and beverage options including food courts, buffet restaurants, diners and cocktail bars, catering to a variety of cuisines and tastes. Pure vegetarian food courts serve cuisines ranging from North and South Indian, Mexican, Italian and Pan-Asian, with a separate kitchen for Jain meals. Buffets are laid out for those who prefer variety in their meals and specialty restaurants serve African and Lebanese dishes, along with premium cocktails. The Imagica Capital is an Indian buffet restaurant and is perfect for a light lunch as I discovered during my visit.

I also experienced the Rajasauras ride which set my heart racing, the Mr. India themed ride based on the popular movie and the wrath of Gods which combines the three elements of live theatre, special effects and multimedia. The souvenir shop is a great place to pick up some interesting gifts for loved ones and friends. I was informed that there are in all 24 rides and attractions in the theme park. As one passes by the park in a buggy, you can hear adventurous people screaming with excitement on the Gold Rush rides and the Nitro which is the country’s tallest and fastest roller coaster.

Wrath of The Gods at Imagica

This big ship’s opened up to patrons for heritage experiences on her wooden deck. Perched beside the lagoon, Arrmada offers breathtaking views under the beautiful expanse of the sky. I visited this interesting place in the evening to have a cup of tea and witnessed the Grand Imagica Parade from here. The Grand Imagica Parade with street performers, magicians, jugglers and clowns and pulsating music coupled with amazing dance performances was the highlight of the day and the best part is that it instantly lifts up your spirits with its vibrant energy and cheerfulness.

Imagica has been successfully adding new attractions every year for guests. Imagica Theme Park was launched in 2013 and is an all-weather theme park with 24 rides and attractions targeted at visitors of all age groups with an estimated daily capacity of 15,000 guests. The Family Entertainment Centre (FEC) was recently launched in February, 2018. All the rides and attractions here have been specially curated and designed keeping the Indian sensibilities in mind.

Adlabs Imagica

Some of the most popular attractions are Nitro – Longest, tallest fastest roller coaster with specially designed 7 loops (132-feet high with over 2800 feet of track length), Deep Space – the country’s first indoor dark coaster, I for India – First simulation ride that gives flying experience over India, Mr. India – based on the classic movie is India’s first Bollywood themed ride, Rajasauras which is the longest flume ride and Wrath of Gods, an attraction which combines the three elements of live theatre, special effects and multimedia all designed to target every audience right from Bollywood lovers to thrill seekers. Their constant endeavour is to make the Imagica experience more accessible to all, both within and outside India primarily through unique Indianized content and entertaining every individual across all walks of life. Imagica is also the first park to own IP based characters and merchandise in India.

Imagica is a perfect blend of hospitality, tourism and entertainment and is a complete destination in itself as it offers fun, adventure, dining, shopping and accommodation all under one roof! Worth several visits for a fun day out with friends and family!