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Are these the most luxurious and extravagant casino hotels in the world?

By LLM Reporters  |  December 7, 2020
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It is safe to say that, like many other industries, the land-based casino industry has taken quite the hit this year, thanks to the Covid pandemic.

With billions poured into making sure those high-rolling visitors experience the time of their lives during their trips to the casino, it’s clear to see that many have been feeling the pinch without their regular visitors. The market is massive, and the competition is so high with new establishments popping up all over to offer something seemingly more luxury and exclusive than its neighbour. Rebranding and rebuilding are common practices and with countries like Japan and Russia edging their way onto the luxury casino scene to rival the likes of Macao and Las Vegas, it is evident that, though the industry is struggling, casinos are here to stay.

But with the aforementioned closures due to Covid, the online casino industry positively boomed, with those looking for their roulette and slots fix heading online instead. And with the array of online casinos offering luxury style casino games from your home or mobile device, it seems that those needs were more than met, with private account managers, trips to Vegas up for grabs (when possible) and even Champagne and snacks by mail being provided too.

It’s clear to see that loyal customers are well rewarded and this, of course, goes for those glitzy land-based casinos too. If you just can’t wait to start planning your next big trip to that all-encompassing casino resort, we’ve shortlisted five of our favourite picks to get you inspired for some 2021 fun.

The Venetian, Macau

Macau, China - December 9, 2016: aerial view of blackjack tables and gamblers inside The Venetian Casino in Macau. Macau is the capital of casinos and Asian gambling and, now, in the world.
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Macau is one of the few areas within China where gambling is allowed, and with the sheer size of the population, it is no wonder that the region has become the most prominent gambling hot spot of the world.

The Venetian has a sister site in Las Vegas but has managed to eclipse the original with this version being the largest hotel/casino complex in the whole of Asia, making it a record-breaking site. It isn’t all about the size though, as The Venetian manages to offer up plenty of luxurious experiences to its guests within its 10 million square feet of space.

Those looking to spend out on the experience of a lifetime will opt for the top suite within The Venetian, which provides to its guests, access to four bedrooms, a cinema room and even massage rooms. It truly is an incredible place to stay.

The Borgata, Atlantic City

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Built in 2003 the Borgata has managed to build up an excellent reputation in the intervening years. Located looking out to sea, it has some of the most incredible views of any casino in the world, but the views aren’t the only thing that denotes luxury here. The Borgata has plenty more going for it with almost 3,000 suites available to visitors offering full length windows to take in the fantastic views of the sea as well as high levels of luxury and facilities to enjoy too.

The casino comes out on top, boasting almost 4,500 games available to players, with more than 4,000 of them video slots. It takes up a lot of space too, so anyone who visits will be spending plenty of time exploring the casino and hopefully finding themselves with a win or two under their belt by the time they leave.

Atlantis Resort, The Bahamas

The Atlantis Paradise Island resort, located in the Bahamas
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Let’s be honest here, almost any casino that’s based in the Bahamas should be on this list. It is one of the most beautiful countries there is, and to any visitor just being there feels like you’re living the life of luxury. Having said that, the Atlantis Resort actually manages to increase the luxury factor with the high quality of the services on offer.

It boasts one of the most expensive suites in the world, although the actual price is a closely guarded secret these days. For the big layout you will get unprecedented levels of luxury such as your very own grand piano, a golden chandelier, and there will even be staff in attendance to cater to your every whim.

If you want to experience true luxury, then booking a suite at the Atlantis is the best way to do so. Of course, if the suite is a little too rich for your bank balance, then the other rooms are still fantastic – perhaps not quite as stately as the top-level suite, but still a stay you are unlikely to forget in a hurry.

The Bellagio, Las Vegas

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The vision of the fountains dancing to the light show at the Bellagio is one of the most iconic scenes in the world, however, this amazing spectacle isn’t the only thing the hotel has going for it as it also happens to be one of the most luxurious in the world.

Despite this, it is actually more affordable when compared to some of the other high-quality casino resorts on this list, but it’s still one of the best places you can stay on the Las Vegas Strip. The rooms all feature the best in amenities, it has an incredible casino to visit downstairs and you have a front row seat to see the light show from your room. What more could you want when it comes to Vegas glitz and glamour?

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

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Marina Bay Sands certainly looks the most impressive when compared to other casinos in the world, in fact, it looks so futuristic it wouldn’t look out of place in a Star Trek film or TV series. The first aspect that will grab your attention is the infinity pool on the roof – it’s the biggest in the world and is certainly hugely impressive. It follows that up by having a Michelin starred restaurant on the premises, and if this wasn’t already enough, the suites and the casino are highly impressive too.

There are more than 2,000 rooms available with the top level suites with each offering guests access to the finest living experience. While they don’t come cheap, they will also provide guests the ability to enjoy the finest in luxury while looking out onto the impressive Singapore skyline. Marina Bay Sands definitely takes luxury into the future and is one of the most impressive casino resorts in the world.

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