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Be prepared for your summer adventure with our top tips

Luxury travel is changing; more and more people are seeking out adventure or something more extreme or remote than the popular Mediterranean resorts. Not that there is anything wrong at all with relaxing in the Balearics for a week or two, but if that doesn’t sound like you, that’s just fine.

You might just fancy being a little adventurous with your holidays and, if you can, then why not? Be it a tree house in Costa Rica, touring the Amazon Rainforest or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, take the trip of a lifetime, just make sure you are well prepared for whatever adventure you have in store for yourself.

It’s great to be the adventurous type, and it might sound boring, but being prepared will make your trip that much smoother if you’ve planned a few things ahead (don’t worry, we know you’ll remember your passport, right?!) so you can spend more time enjoying this exciting trip of yours.

According to the ATTA, the international adventure travel market is up 21% (or $683 billion) since 2012


OK so it’s highly likely that you’re taking your phone with you, and said phone will surely have a camera in there somewhere (unless it’s so cool and retro to be using a Nokia 3310 again then this is a great tip!) but consider something a little more swish that is going make those photos you take swing from not-bad to extraordinary. The Sony RX100 VI is a fantastic compact option, while the Fujifilm XP140 is not only waterproof but dustproof, freezeproof and shockproof!

First aid kit

It doesn’t matter where you go, there’s nothing worse than travelling abroad, getting ill or having a minor accident and not knowing where the nearest pharmacy is to ease the suffering. And on this type of trip you may be many miles from one. A pack of Immodium is a must for many, especially when travelling to far flung places, which offer local delicacies which your stomach just isn’t used to, and something like a Tegaderm dressing for any wounds that need a breathable and waterproof dressing is essential. Space should also be kept for items such as rehydration sachets, anti-malaria medication, a mosquito net, painkillers, water disinfectant, sunscreen, antihistamines and any regular medication you take.

Emergency information

I mean it’s great to run around enjoying yourself on these adrenalin-fuelled trips or remote getaways but if something scary happens, do you know how to get help? Before you jet off find out the local emergency numbers and take note – you never know when you might be in a sticky situation and will need to get help.

Adventure tourism refers to exploration or travel with a certain degree of risk faced during the vacation

Fitness level

I am sure if you’ve planned something really exciting like trekking across Antarctica then you’ve certainly considered what it will actually take to get you there – a high level of fitness and a hell of a lot of determination. You’ve picked this adventure because it isn’t easy and it’s something others may not be able to achieve, but can you do it? No matter how much you want to do something make sure you’ve put the hard work in for a while before you attempt something so arduous. You may have the emergency info if you’ve taken on board the above, but no one wants to be that person who needs rescuing half way up a mountain because they haven’t trained properly, and you won’t want the disappointment of not completing your challenge either.


I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be that person who introduced a tropical disease back into your home town?! No? Then a quick search around the WHO website will tell you exactly what vaccinations are recommended for the area you plan to visit. Machu Picchu may be your dream but I’m sure Typhoid and Hepatitis A aren’t. And don’t forget to visit your GP or private clinic in good time (at least 8 weeks) so that you can develop an immunity.

So, you’ve been patient, hopefully taken on board the above advice and now all there is left to do is to go and have the trip of a lifetime!