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Beyond the nightclubs: Exploring the magic of Ibiza

The White Isle has long been a place of hedonism, whether you’re seeking some of the finest nightclubs in the world, boozy brunches, turquoise seas or idyllic sunsets, Ibiza remains an island of soul, music and without doubt, magic.

Ibiza attracts over three million people each year and and continues to be synonymous with golden days and forever summers. Love, freedom, unity, and the place to express yourself in whatever shape and form that may be, all contribute to Ibiza’s unique allure. Can we go back already?

After years of travelling to and from the Island, my latest rendezvous with Ibiza included new places and experiences. It’s the island that keeps on giving.

For the explorer in you, a trip to Es Vedra is a must. For those of you sitting in the dark, Es Vedra is a gigantic, naturally-formed rock that shoots out of the ocean, standing tall for all to see. You can’t help but admire her. Many couples and groups gather at the nearby clifftop to watch sunrise or sunset from a premium viewing area. It’s something you will never forget.

Es Vedra is the third most magnetic place on earth

It’s been said Es Vedra is the third most magnetic place on Earth and it’s been claimed if the world ends, this is a safe haven to gather. There’s no denying there is a certain force at work here; you feel empowered in Es Vedra’s presence from the moment you arrive.

My Tip? If you’re celebrating a birthday why not watch sunrise on your special day and give your loved one their cards overlooking Es Vedra. Similarly, this would make a great spot for a proposal! Grab a hamper, a bottle of Champagne, picnic on the clifftop and breathe her beauty in.

The new dining hot-spot in Ibiza is Cotton Beach Club in Cala Tarida. Continuous positive vibes, progressive house music, superior service and incredible food and drink have all contributed to the Cotton Beach Club being the talk of the island over the last few months in particular.

The Cotton Beach Club is the new dining hot-spot in Ibiza

The Independent called it the “Best beach club” and I’m starting to agree with them. Make sure you book a table in advance and enjoy sundowners at sunset. The rooftop is where the magic happens and be sure to try their sushi…divine! Cotton Beach Club also has one of Ibiza’s most extensive wine and cocktail lists. I left feeling suitably impressed.

Whenever I am travelling, I like to talk to the locals. They know the area better than anyone. Their insights you cannot buy. When we asked where the best sunset in Ibiza is, they delivered.

To experience this, you must head to Benirras beach which is in the north of the island and prepare to be amazed. After a short drive from where we were staying, we discovered an idyllic bay with soft golden sand and mountains either side covered in luscious-green pine trees. So picturesque, and this area is the very definition of chill.

Then, Benirras beach gets better; it’s donned Hippie Beach as every single night of the year people turn up to bang drums, dance and sing, appreciating Mother Nature and the sun setting. That’s every single day of the year people – now that’s dedication!

Benirras beach is an idyllic spot surrounded by pine clad mountains

There is something genuine in this. Forget your day to day worries, let go of the past, be at one with yourself and others. Pure love shines from Hippie Beach. Standing side by side with strangers, yet you’re all connected in that moment, is very powerful. This is without doubt a unique Ibiza experience you must try.

Whilst you’re there, pop in to Elements restaurant and bar on the beach for a glass of ice-cold rose (Whispering Angel please). It’s cute and rustic with a clothing boutique and smoothie bar inside for extra attraction.

My Tip? Go to Hippie Beach on a Sunday as they step the spectacle up and you’ll find beach-chic market stalls, bespoke fashion and accessories. Be warned, it gets busy and you have to use the shuttle bus to get to the actual beach location on Sunday (rather than park right by it) But it’s worth it!

Stunning sunsets are a magical backdrop for kayaking in the ocean

Visiting the port of St Miguel is well worth a visit too. It’s a quaint fishing village with destination seafood restaurants, crystal clear waters and plenty of paddle boarding. If you’re into your history, St Miguel has a fortress church built between the 14th and 18th centuries. It’s an area dominated by countryside all the way down to the coast, which was once a fishing port until tourism took over.

My final tip for an unforgettable Ibiza experience (beyond the nightclubs) is sunset kayaking. There are various points across the island from which you can start however the Port of St Miguel has won my vote. The full tour lasts around 2.5 hours and costs 40 euros per person. The benefit of kayaking from St Miguel means Benirras Beach isn’t too far away so you can rock up for sunset and watch it from the water. It doesn’t get much better.

Ibiza’s magic will never fade in my opinion and as you get older there’s a whole other side to the island to benefit from. It’s time to start making those reservations and organising your next trip. Ibiza is calling you. And you never know, I may see you there, standing side by side at Hippie Beach.