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Casino cruise ships: Where two worlds of luxury collide

When it comes to the luxury lifestyle, there are certain activities that spring to mind – and an evening in a top casino and a holiday on a luxury cruise ship would both be likely to feature. But while for many, the idea might be to cruise to Monte Carlo or Macao and then spend a couple of days on dry land at the high roller tables, nowadays, there is no need to separate the two. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the best of both worlds for a truly unforgettable break.

Casino cruise ships come in different sizes and styles – let’s see what’s available.

A traditional floating casino

Think of casinos on the water and your mind might turn to the Louisiana riverboats that are so famous in places like Lake Charles and Baton Rouge. The Sunborn – an immense super yacht that is permanently docked at Gibraltar’s Ocean Village Marina, has taken the idea to the next level. Commanding spectacular views of the Rock of Gibraltar, it provides the perfect place from which to watch the planes take off and land on Gibraltar Airport’s alarmingly short runway – but the attraction doesn’t end there, with all the spectacular gaming tables on offer a casino fanatic could want.

The Sunborn is an immense super yacht that is permanently docked at Gibraltar’s Ocean Village Marina

You might be more accustomed to playing your casino games online, and when there are blackjack casino bonus sites around to boost your bankroll, then why not? But whether blackjack, baccarat or poker is your game, there’s no better place to play it than while looking across the strait to Morocco in the middle distance. It’s a unique experience, and one you won’t want to miss.

The ultimate luxury cruise ship – with a casino

Despite offering incredible views, the Sunborn doesn’t move – so they always remain the same. So, if you’re looking for ever-changing scenery then you might prefer to take a cruise that will take you somewhere new. You’d be hard pressed to find a vessel on the water that does it better than the flagship of the Cunard line, the Queen Mary 2. The immense ocean liner is something from a bygone age,and setting foot onboard is almost like stepping into a period drama.

If you want to get from the UK to the US or vice versa and are in no hurry to do so, the Queen Mary 2 is the only way to travel. Six or seven days on the ocean, strolling the decks, enjoying the best in fine dining – and playing in one of the best casinos you are ever likely to visit. What more could you want from a luxury cruise?

There are nine gaming tables, with over 100 of the most up to date slots. Black tie is not obligatory, but if there is one place to do so, then this is it. It’s the perfect opportunity to unleash your inner James Bond!

The flagship cruise ship of the Cunard line is the Queen Mary 2

The ultimate casino – on a cruise ship

Cunard can take the best ocean liner and put a casino on it. But is it possible to do the opposite and take the ultimate casino and put in on the water? The answer is yes – but it can only happen in the place where anything and everything is possible. Yep, we’re talking about Vegas, baby.

The Allure of the Seas offers a slice of Sin City without setting foot on dry land, boasting all the extravagance of the famous casino city. With capacity for more than 5,000 passengers, this bright and ostentatious casino cruise ship covers 18,000 square feet, and features

27 gaming tables and more slots than you can count. Of course, just like Vegas, it is not just about the casino – with live shows, a choice of eateries and lots of activities to keep guests occupied. But, if you’re looking for the ultimate combination of casino and luxury cruise, then Allure of the Seas has to be it.

Whilst the destination is often the most anticipated part of a getaway, on a casino cruise, you enjoy the journey just as much. From luxurious cabins and incredible food to all the game room glamour you could want, it’s the sophisticated way to see somewhere new.

Please gamble responsibly (18+ UK) – check age restrictions before participating