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Don’t cancel your luxury trip, simply change the date, says LLM

By LLM Reporters  |  March 19, 2020

Covid-19, which is caused by the virus called coronavirus, has wreaked havoc on the travel industry since its accelerated spread began back in January of this year.

Tens of thousands of flights and hotel bookings have been cancelled across the globe and many of the travellers that did make it to their destination are now facing weeks, perhaps months, in quarantine.

With this in mind LLM – Luxury Lifestyle Magazine is reaching out to all of its incredible readers to try and help the situation as much as possible.

We are asking you to please not cancel your booking, but instead re-book for a later date when hopefully coronavirus is under control and travel restrictions have been relaxed or lifted.

Nick Gibbens, editor-in-chief at LLM, said: “In all of the years I’ve worked promoting the luxury travel industry, I have never known anything quite like this and over the next few months I expect the situation to get even worse.

”The global travel industry has faced numerous challenges over the past century, from natural disasters to acts of terrorism, but the Covid-19 virus is far worse and will severely impact companies for years to come.

“As a publication we will continue to shed the spotlight on the luxury travel brands we love and we hope in time travel restrictions around the world will ease so we can all enjoy and experience luxury travel once again.

”Of course it’s difficult to know how long this will take to overcome so we are encouraging all of our readers to not cancel any booking they have made, but to instead re-book for a later date. This way you will be doing your bit to help save the travel industry and ensure its very survival.”