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Enjoy a luxury island escape in breath-taking Bermuda

By Rebecca Underwood  |  August 10, 2021
Bermuda sailboats

Bermuda lies six hundred miles off the North American coast and offers a perfect retreat where the locals practice that enviable laid back outlook on life. Subject to the island remaining on the ‘green list’, consider escaping to this enchanting and tranquil place, which is only a seven-hour flight from the UK.

Beyond the beauty of Bermuda is a fascinating and rich history, enhanced by British, West Indian, Portuguese, African and North American influences. The native population is a blend of these countries and the majority of Bermudans can trace their roots to the West Indies and Africa.

Bermuda flag
Bermuda is a British island territory in the North Atlantic Ocean

This hook shaped stretch of land, as recorded by geologists, was created some 100 million years ago as a result of the massive eruption of a volcano. Bermuda is perched on the summit of a submarine mountain rising 15,000 feet from the seabed and is protected by surrounding coral reefs affording protection from natural erosion.

Beyond the reef, the ocean bed plunges to a depth of approximately three miles and the shallow inner lagoon remains calm and transparent with a hue of deep azure. Past navigators named the islands ‘Isles of the Devil’ and it is thought that Bermuda was discovered in 1503 by Spaniard Juan de Bermudez, commander of the ship, La Garza.

The islands remained uninhabited for more than a century until colonized by Admiral Sir George Somers, whose vessel the Sea Venture ran aground in 1609 on a voyage bound from England to Jamestown, Virginia.

big game fishing Bermuda
Big game fishing is a popular activity. Image credit: Rohan Shastri

Today, Bermuda continues to attract visitors from all over world. The crystal clear, azure warm waters of the Gulf Stream ensure a temperate climate, which is perfect for those who enjoy sailing, swimming, diving, a spot of fishing or a round or two of golf. It is well known in golf circles that Bermuda has more golf courses per square mile than any other country in the world.

The island features eight courses in total with seven of these of championship calibre and characterised by breath-taking scenery, dramatic ocean vistas, firm fairways and an unpredictable wind factor creating the perfect challenge.

Jobson's Cove Beach Bermuda
Jobson’s Cove Beach is an idyllic spot. Image credit: Gavin Howarth

For those who prefer to take things easy, the delicate pink sandy beaches provide the perfect setting for an afternoon snooze or consider a leisurely stroll around the stunning fragrant gardens and pause to admire the splendour of the imposingly grand colonial buildings whilst you consider where to dine.

There are plenty of formal chic dining rooms offering international cuisine but for those of us who prefer a more casual dining experience, the local cafes present a variety of tempting conch stews. Wahoo steak, mussel pie and cassava are all delicious local dishes and usually accompanied by ‘Hoppin’ John’, a mixture of black-eyed peas and rice. For Sunday brunch, popular choices include guinea chic, a spiny lobster, which is simply mouth-watering with a glass or two of chilled wine.

The Rosewood Bermuda
The Rosewood Bermuda offers luxurious levels of comfort. Image credit: Ken Hayden

The place to stay has to be the Rosewood, located on Tucker’s Point, in Hamilton, Bermuda’s capital. The level of comfort and service is outstanding and accommodation options include rooms, suites and ocean view residences with two or three bedrooms, indoor and outdoor living areas, a kitchen and a dining space, which is ideal for families.

All residences offer exclusive access to the Harbour Court Residence guest pool and Castle Harbour Beach, and there is an intimate lobby with an honour bar and a game room with a pool table. Hotel amenities include a fabulous spa, a fitness centre and two swimming pools.

Consider visiting Bermuda for your next ‘get away from it all’ opportunity, you won’t be disappointed; it really is one of the world’s most wonderful spots.


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