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Escape into the heart of Bali, Indonesia, with Banyan Tree’s latest resort launch

By LLM Reporters  |  July 30, 2021

Blending exquisite sustainable design, immersive experiences and a true escape in the natural surroundings of blissful Bali, Buahan, a Banyan Tree Escape, is sure to delight all visitors seeking a holiday with a difference.

Due to open its doors in an untouched part of northern Ubud in late 2021, Buahan, a Banyan Tree Escape, features a unique ‘no walls, no doors concept’ concept throughout the property and in each of its 16 luxurious balés (villas) inviting guests into a different way of being.

At the resort’s heart are the Open Kitchen and Living Room, both open dining and lounge spaces created to evoke a sense of community. Here, guests are invited to learn how the resort reinvents food and drink basics through its unique zero-waste farm to table concept, local sourcing philosophy, and heritage techniques. The menu concept, 70% of which is plant-based, is sourced locally within a one-hour drive from the property, which sits off the beaten track. This concept was developed through a collaboration with Agency X, a local consultant group that houses the acclaimed restaurant Locavore, Nusantara Restaurant, and The Night Rooster Cocktail Bar, creatively enhancing a sense of place. 

Banyan Tree's latest resort, Buahan
Located in Buahan, one of Bali’s most untapped enclaves, this resort and its no-walls, no-doors villas concept offers guests a unique ‘Naked Experience’ in communion with nature

The Botanist Bar is centred around the use of local-grown natural ingredients and botanicals infused into its beverages. At the same time, Toja Spa celebrates the wellbeing traditions of Buahan village and its surrounding areas with a unique ‘open’ garden experience – certified by the award-winning Banyan Tree Spa Academy.

The brand also celebrates unconventional craft forms, from its sonic branding approach with Singapore-based creative studio Parable to using re-purposed Ulin ‘iron’ wood from boat jetties, hand-carved wooden headboards, hand-smithed copper bathtubs and natural dye soft furnishings.

Connecting to nature 

Situated in a quiet enclave surrounded by rice paddies and jungle, the site’s unique topography is next to the Ayung River and waterfall, including a sweeping view of the seven majestic peaks. The resort has 16 balés, designed to blend spacious indoor-outdoor living areas with 180-degree panoramic views and sounds of nature through a bold taste of ‘The Naked Experience’ where only a thin veil separates guests from nature. 

Scattered off the property, secret Hideaway Spots draw on the element of being at one with nature, providing guests with a garden sanctuary for meditation, reading, or simply taking a moment to pause and unwind.

Banyan Tree's latest resort, Buahan
The Botanist Bar is centred around the use of local-grown natural ingredients and botanicals infused into its beverages

A discovery experience

A calendar of daily, weekly, and monthly events guides travellers towards a range of curated and self-led experiences around the three pillars connecting to nature, a discovery experience, and community integration. From the on and off-site daily ‘Happenings’ activities to collaborative events with visiting practitioners or local cultural festivities, the ethos of unique, rejuvenating and spontaneous opportunities for discovery hold firm and are a core of the brand experience.

Embedded in the community 

To ensure the surrounding environment and nature were preserved, research on the sociological, architectural and cultural aspects was conducted within a one-hour radius of the property. This research helped guide the team on how experiences are created, ensuring guests feel immersed in unique local experiences, and understand the resort’s relationship to the surrounding community. 

Gede Kresna, a recognised sustainable local architect who focuses on Balinese design and environmentally friendly architecture, together with his team, conducted the four-month research, a summary of which will be available at the resort. Gede worked closely with Banyan Tree’s head of architecture, Dharmali Kusumadi, who designed the balés and other resort facilities, bringing life to the inspired vernacular architectural approach through unique design and construction methods.

Banyan Tree's latest resort, Buahan
Embrace reconnection and revive your senses at the open-air Toja Spa.

Ms Ho Ren Yung, VP of brand HQ of Banyan Tree, said: “We have owned this piece of land for over twenty years, and the conceptualisation of Banyan Tree Escape started almost five years ago. It is a true labour of love and a bold experience proposition we are excited to see become real. Even while we are calling it Escape, at the heart of this brand is creating a way for people to be present, to unearth, renew, and a way to truly ‘be here.’ Fireflies in your room at night, and morning mists with the sunrise – it is an unparalleled journey, communing with nature, alone and with others.”

Though the opening falls during the pandemic, this brand extension symbolises the Banyan Tree brand’s vision and commitment to creating immersive experiences combining deep nature and sustainable design. For more information and reservations, visit and follow @banyantree.escape.buahan for regular updates.