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Fancy a dip? 9 swimming pools that will make your stomach drop

By Sophie Demetriades on 26th October 2016

Swimming pools are a luxury enjoyed by many people, but you need a special kind of courage to tackle some of these terrifying venues. If you are considering dipping your toe in the water this Halloween, check out these nine scary pools selected by Pump Sales Direct.

1. The Devil’s Pool, Zambia

The Devil's Pool in Zambia.
The Devil’s Pool in Zambia. (Source: Getty)

The first pool is in a beautifully picturesque setting between Zimbabwe and Zambia. The natural rock pool is situated 100 feet above Victoria Falls, but all that prevents swimmers from plunging into the falls below is an underwater rock wall.

2. The Red Pool, Koh Samui

The Red Pool in Koh Samui.
The Red Pool in Koh Samui. (Source:

Halloween may seem like the perfect time to wallow in blood, and that is what the water in our second pool looks like. This minimalist pool at the Chaweng Beach hotel in Koh Samui, Thailand, incorporates blood-red water as part of its environmentally low-impact design, and it doesn’t seem to be deterring anyone.

3. Hilton Hotel, Auckland

The Hilton Hotel in Auckland.
The Hilton Hotel in Auckland. (Source:

The Hilton Hotel in Auckland, New Zealand, boasts a pool that hangs over the street between two buildings. If you enjoy being observed while you swim, this is the pool for you because its glass wall allows the pedestrians below to watch as you splash up and down the pool.

4. Holiday Inn, Shanghai

The Holiday Inn in Shanghai.
The Holiday Inn in Shanghai. (Source: IHG)

Moving to Shanghai, we find the pool at the Holiday Inn, Pudong Kangqiao, which is also in an urban setting. This swimming pool appears reasonably conventional initially, but when you reach the deep end you find you are swimming 100 metres above the ground with only the glass bottom of the pool between you and the street below. Looking upwards through the glass ceiling, you are quite likely to
spot an airliner coming in to land at the local airport.

5. Sky Condos, Peru

Sky Condos in Peru.
Sky Condos in Peru. (Source:

Spectacular “floating” pools attached to a new apartment block in Lima project from the sides of the building into thin air so that you feel as though you are swimming in the air. From the ground they look too fragile to stay up in a city prone to earthquakes. There are no walls to give a feeling of security, and with the possibility of a tremor occurring at any time, you would need nerves of steel to take the plunge here.

6. Sanctuary Swala, Tanzania

Sanctuary Swala in Tanzania.
Sanctuary Swala in Tanzania. (Source: Sanctuary Retreats)

In total contrast, the infinity pool at Sanctuary Swala in Tanzania has a far more natural appearance and is, at least, on ground level. The scary thing about this pool is its location overlooking a waterhole that is frequented by big cats and elephants. Watching wild animals is fine, but you don’t want to share your cocktails with them.

7. Nemo 33, Brussels

The Nemo 33 in Brussels.
The Nemo 33 in Brussels. (Source:

Back to the city now, and the name of this pool, Nemo 33, may give you a clue to its most frightening characteristic. Situated in Brussels, this is the deepest indoor pool in the world. Actually a diving pool, this is also used for swimming by those who are not intimidated by the thought of 34.5 metres of water below them. It also features caves for intrepid divers to explore.

8. Marina Bay Sand Hotel, Singapore

The Marina Bay Sand Hotel in Singapore.
The Marina Bay Sand Hotel in Singapore. (Source:

Crossing continents to Singapore, perhaps you might fancy a dip on the roof of the Marina Bay Sands. The views from the sky-top pool are fantastic, but with no guard rails in sight it looks as though you could simply swim off the edge into the city streets below, making this one of the most frightening pools you could experience.

9. The Sky Habitat, Singapore

The Sky Habitat in Singapore.
The Sky Habitat in Singapore. (Source:

Finally, staying in Singapore, the Sky Habitat swimmable bridge in the suburb of Bisham, links two blocks of apartments at a height of 38 storeys. Residents can enjoy amazing views of the city as they swim from one luxury apartment block to the other – if they dare to look away from the pool!

Which ones would you dare to experience?

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