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6 perfect gifts for the traveller – or a loved one who lives abroad

christmas gifts

With Christmas just around the corner, our inner doting aunt is coming out to play, for ’tis the season for generosity and ebullience, as well as gifts that spit righteously in the eye of good fiscal sense. But what about the loved ones who will not be present this festive season? Many of us have family flung to the four corners of the globe, with the barmy charm of Australia being a pull for some as the winter weather sets in.

So what to get for the absent loved one? Here we take a look at some of the finest gifts for those with an adventurous spirit. 

christmas gifts
Christmas is fast approaching

The Spoiler Box-Set

Whether it’s Christmas or birthday, or just your way of saying thanks, nothing warms the cockles of a far-flung friend’s heart like good old-fashioned opulence. From gourmet dishes to beautiful flowers and bottles of bubbly, with the option of international gifts delivery, luxury boxes and hampers are a time-honoured classic. Pick and choose the recipient’s favourite flowers, rare local delicacies and a great bottle of wine. And, for those needing proof of the hamper’s eternal chic, suffice it to say it’s a concept imported from the masters of decadence: the French. Well, William the Conqueror, to be specific.

The Hand-Written Letter

Artisanal goods add the personal touch in a world that can sometimes feel a little cold. After hours on the tube, or a full day staring at the computer, nothing quite lifts the spirits like something made by hand, with love, and with skill. So why do we stop at hand-cured meats? A hand-written letter lets a loved one know they’re truly missed, and evokes a more elegant and intimate period of history – this being conditional on one’s cursive of course!

fountain pen paper
Artisanal goods add the personal touch in a world that can sometimes feel a little cold

The Multi-Time-Zone-Watch

What better way to remind them of home than to have the local time stamped on their wrist? While a watch that tells the time of both your country and theirs is clearly a wonderful symbolic gesture, it also has practical applications. By getting one of your own, you’ll each be able to have a much clearer picture of that the other is doing at any given time, making calls and Skype video chats that much easier.

The Luxurious Leather Passport Holder

For those who feel the best of travelling in style lies in the details, a high-end passport holder is a must-have. When seeking one out, be sure to shop around and only settle for the best. Italian leather is always in fashion, but if your S.O is more of a trend-setting type, there exists a range of sleeker and more innovative designs.

What better way to remind them of home than to have the local time stamped on their wrist?

The Memory Jolter

When a loved one is so far away, it makes perfect sense to keep the connection as strong as you can, and a great way to do this is by gifting them with something that will make their heart sing every time they catch a glance of your thoughtfully chosen present. Choose a selection of your favourite photographs and have them printed onto a canvas – Oh Canvas can personalise your photos and add thoughtful texts to show your loved one they are always missed.

The Mile-High Cocktail Kit

The mile-high cocktail kit, or the carry-on cocktail kit, boasts all the ingredients for a real old-time treat. There are aromatic bitters and cane sugar to hit the perfect flavours as well as authentic bar-style utensils for a mixing experience with all the tang and glitz of a 1920s speak-easy. The only thing missing is the whisky – which shouldn’t be too hard to come by. 

These six ideas are sure to impress, but don’t be afraid to spread your gift-giving wings, and discover your own perfect gift for that special someone.