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Four tracks around the world perfect for an electric mountain bike

While some prefer to travel in style – whether it be SUV – we say the next best things is an electric mountain bike. After all, the best way to discover the gems of a destination is by foot, or in this case, bike. Imagine yourself pedaling through rich historical landscapes in Andalucía or tackling The Alps in France with your adventurous friend or solo. Whatever you desire, you can do it without the work, and still reap the benefits of a regular mountain bike.

There are many benefits to exploring by bike, including freedom to stop and take in the view, socialize with fellow travelers and locals alike, and of course, the calming breeze on your face and fresh air. If there are still doubts on traveling by electric mountain bike we highlighted some of the best mountain bike tracks around the world.

The Old Ghost Road – New Zealand

New Zealand is infamous for its adult playground landscape. Thousands of travelers flock to the small island for its clifftops, coastal trails and of course, its notorious reputation for bungee jumping, giant swings and any other activity that gets the blood pumping. An activity that is often overlooked is mountain biking the Old Ghost Road, a challenging track, but equally as beautiful. The journey is 85km point-to-point and will have you climbing for a day through the green of the rainforest before bursting above the tree line, where you will be treated with views of rolling hills, upon rolling hills. Take a rest stop at Ghost Lake Hut for the night, watch the stars light up the sky before waking up to a stunning sunset and making your way back through the rainforest. Usually a trek like this would call for a certain level of fitness, however an electric mountain bike makes even the hardest tracks possible.

Mefjellet – Norway


This Scandinavian country encompasses mountains, glaciers and deep coastal fjords and is a great place to tackle some astonishing bike tracks. In Norway, there is a mountain peak that goes by the name of Mefjellet and is an easy 1100 metre climb to the top. Start by waking up aboard a floating hotel before making your way skyward up to the tip top of the mountain. Along the journey, you will encounter glacier carved ridge line, snowcapped peaks, and undeniable sweeping views. The trek down is much easier thanks to gravity. As you tear down the mountain, a ribbon of a single track changes to a journey through woods, before popping back out at the water’s edge for smooth sailing back to your accommodation.

Top Of The World – BC, Canada

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Whistler is a town north of Vancouver, and home to a track known as “Top of the world,” which has a black diamond difficulty rating. The near 6km descent combines high alpine riding with the best Whistler Bike Park has to offer. Take an easy breezy chairlift to the top, before hopping on your bike and making your way through the first technical turns, bumps, jumps and drops the whole way home. The track also has some of the world’s best riding set against the granite spires of the Coast Range.

Flowtastic – Andalucia Spain

Mountain biking isn’t just for remote areas and rough terrain, it’s also a great way to explore an area faster than by foot, but also easy to hop off and stop to eat or simply enjoy the view. This trail in the Sierra Nevada, Andalucia combines rough terrain with cobblestone streets and the best cuisine the Spanish villages have to offer. It doesn’t get any better than that. Start by exploring white-washed villages high in the Alpujarra Mountains before making your way to the Alboran Sea, via street-riding through the historic city of Granada. Don’t forget to stop off and try cheese, jamón, and red wine to be fully immersed in the Andalucían lifestyle. Choose to wander on your own or follow a guide, there are several tour options ranging from a week-long sunkissed mountain bike tour to a couple of days exploring and mingling with the locals solo.