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Fusing European sophistication with the bright lights of Vegas: 3 luxury casino resorts offering the best of both worlds, handpicked by LeoVegas

By LLM Reporters  |  May 20, 2020

A desert oasis renowned for its bright lights, brashness, and extravagant glamour, Las Vegas remains the top pick for casino getaways anywhere in the world. Its vibrant strip, packed with opulent hotel resorts and gambling establishments, is a playground for the rich and famous, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors each year who are on a quest to win big. And win big, they often do – with some of the most eye-watering jackpots of all time paid out right here.

One thing Sin City isn’t particularly known for, however, is its own rich culture, so if you find yourself at odds with a travel partner who is craving just that, then how exactly do you find a compromise?

Thankfully, you don’t have to go to Europe to soak up the charm, sophistication and rich history it has to offer, because these days, Las Vegas brings all of that directly to you.

So, when is a visit to Las Vegas not really a visit to Las Vegas? When you stay in one of these incredible European-inspired casino hotels. We sat down with the experts at LeoVegas to find out their top picks, and from Parisian chic to the rich history of ancient Rome, these opulent resorts have got you covered.

Need to brush up your casino skills before you go? Thankfully, there are countless options that will allow you to take on some of the world’s most highly-skilled players from the comfort of your lounge at home. If you’re looking for some information on the best of the bunch, then LeoVegas will have it.

Caesars Palace

Leovegas casino
Caesars Palace is one of the world’s leading hotels. Image credit: ehrlif/

If there’s one casino hotel that really pushes the boat out when it comes to ostentatious opulence, it’s the iconic Caesars Palace. From the moment you walk through its doors, you’ll immediately see why, with its unique ancient Roman feel setting it well apart from the masses and transporting you to a world of times gone by – with all the glitz and glamour you’d expect from a five-star Las Vegas hotel resort.

Guests can find themselves strolling down Roman streetscapes and pausing for a moment or two to get a photo with Caesar or Cleopatra. The stand-out feature? A life-size reproduction of Michelangelo’s David.

Accented by Roman columns and statues at every turn and with intricate frescos painted on its ceilings, 4,000 luxury guest rooms are spread across six towers. Rooms are sophisticated and opulent, with sumptuous soft furnishings and tasteful décor – while the nightly light show attracts crowds of people looking to enjoy fancy cocktails or pop open a bottle of champagne or two at one of the hotel’s many bars.

Head to the casino and you can enjoy a range of adrenaline-fuelled games, from classics such as roulette and blackjack, to hundreds of different slots. Boasting an exciting race and sports book set in truly lavish surroundings, the service here is second to none.

Beforehand, guests can dine in a range of high-end restaurant offerings, including Nobu, Rao’s Las Vegas, Brioche by Guy Savoy and Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen. The entertainment certainly exceeds expectations, too, with big-name headliners such as Mariah Carey and Jerry Seinfeld making regular appearances.

Paris Las Vegas

For an injection of Parisian charm into your getaway, Paris Las Vegas is the only choice, marked by a giant Eiffel Tower which immediately signals the level of extravagance you can expect within. Image credit: Artem Bolshakov/

For an injection of Parisian charm into your getaway, Paris Las Vegas is the only choice, marked by a giant Eiffel Tower which immediately signals the level of extravagance you can expect within. Transporting guests to the sophisticated charm of a weekend in the French capital, decadent dining, world-class entertainment and buzzing nightlife can all be found here – with the resort’s on-site casino making for a thrilling evening of gambling with some of the city’s biggest high-rollers.

Featuring over 1,700 table games, slots and the additional high-limit Champagne Slots, the casino is set in a beautiful Parisian-style courtyard to really create that sophisticated French atmosphere.

Rooms and suites, meanwhile, boast Versailles-style fixtures and romantic décor to recreate a continental experience that will win you over with ease. Foodies will love the nightly dining options that include Gordon Ramsay Steak – and of course, the iconic Eiffel Tower Restaurant and La Creperie to further add to that authentic French feel.

The Venetian

The Venetian is a five-star all suite hotel and resort that claims to have the largest standard suites of any hotel in the world. Image credit: jiawangkun/

Fancy a trip to Venice whilst in Vegas? The Venetian has got you covered. Here, guests can wander the piazza and take in the beauty of old-world Italy whilst taking in hand-painted renaissance frescos and dining in award-winning high-end eateries. In fact, so far has this resort gone to give guests an authentic experience that you can even float down its canal in a gondola, watching digital displays showcasing a new era of modern art as you go.

Highlights include the intricately hand-painted ceiling of the Grand Colonnade and the expertly recreated St. Mark’s Square. The historic Campanile Tower is also a must.

So, if you’re torn between the bright lights of Vegas and the olde-world charm and sophistication of Europe, then these incredibly extravagant hotel resorts have got you covered. Which one will you pick for your stay in 2021?

Image credit at the very top of the article: travelview/

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