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Hotel Review: Four Seasons Casablanca in Morocco

Four Seasons Casablanca in Morocco

Words by Dimitra Brokalakis Maron Amitay

“There’s nothing to do in Casablanca…” or at least that is what the locals told us in Marrakech. But how could I not visit the famous white city? the inspiration for the film Casablanca. Would I run into a former lover? Need to escape the country from rebels? Take refuge at Rick’s Café? No, instead I ran into friendly locals, escaped to a luxurious retreat, and took refuge and the contemporary and sleek Four Seasons, Casablanca.

Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca
A breath of fresh air on the oceanfront of Morocco’s largest city, Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca offers a sleek resort-inspired escape – just 10 minutes from the city centre and business district

There was not a single staff member who stood out at the Four Seasons for being particularly accommodating, charming or polite. Instead, five star service and personalized greetings was the standard across the board. Hiring at their Casablanca branch is not solely based on skill – skills can be acquired and mastered; Staffing is largely based on attitude. A rigorous four tier interview process has left the Four Seasons, Casablanca with a handpicked team full of charm and pizzazz. Courteous, vibrant, and accommodating staff members are around every corner and behind every black, glossy desk ready to assist.

Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca
Rejuvenate after a long day of business or simply relax during an oceanfront holiday

Comprised of 186 guests rooms, including 29 suites The Four Seasons Casablanca is no stranger when it comes to luxury accommodations. If you come to Morocco with money to burn, consider the Royal Suite. This opulent suite is adorned with ceiling to floor windows, a large living space, 3 bedrooms, an interior AND exterior fireplace kitchen and dining area and private terrace. All in all, this impressive suite is 4,220 sq. ft. with glossy, black marble floors spilling underneath dark wood furnishings. If all of that doesn’t scream extravagance, than the 180-degree oceanfront view definitely will.

Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca
The look of the hotel is fresh and contemporary, layered with traditional Moroccan details and splashed with locally inspired colours

But who goes on vacation to lounge in their room all day? A dining-must for anyone visiting The Four Seasons, Casablanca is a sunset dinner at The Mint Lounge. The atmosphere is anything but ordinary; A Moroccan-infused dinner is served near a Moroccan inspired fire pit, adorned with tiles in shades of blue and orange, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Bleu’s cutting-edge décor is inspired by Casablanca’s coastline and the ocean

However, if you’re anything like me, you tend to swim with the fishies and find yourself at Bleu, (but say it like you’re french). Famous for their seafood, Bleu boasts a similar Atlantic view but with a cooler, smoother, more contemporary vibe. White marble floors, are hugged by curvaceous white walls, imitating the waves that encompasses the hotel. As we make our way through, it is impossible to miss the open concept kitchen, which allows diners to bare witness to the chefs who are performing delicious miracles in the form of entrees. The Risotto Venere was a buttery masterpiece, with rice in an al dente fashion, as rice should always be done, and meaty wild tiger prawns accented with beautifully with fresh asparagus, oozing with flavour.  Lamb Rack in pistachio crust was simply divine. Juicy and tender, the lamb was cooked to a medium perfection; the crusted pistachio seared onto the lamb added a unique, nutty flavor.    

fish dish
From the Bleu restaurant to the Latitude 33 pool lounge, Four Seasons offers tempting choices for international guests and Casablanca’s elite

When researching the Four Seasons, Casablanca, I was worried about staying at a traditional large, chain hotel. Would the experience be as authentic? Would I find myself feeling immersed in authentic Moroccan culture, food, landscape? The answer is yes. A few hundred meters from the busy city center of Casablanca, the Four Seasons, Casablanca can be anything you want it to be; a luxurious retreat by the pool; a spiritual re-alignment at the famous Hassan Mosque; but most importantly, it is an accurate reflection of Moroccan hospitality.

Address: Boulevard de la Corniche، Casablanca, Morocco
Phone: +212 5290-73700