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How casino resorts are using innovative technology to boost hospitality

By LLM Reporters  |  May 18, 2021
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Over the years, innovation has disrupted various industries and changed the way things are done for the better – and in the wake of the global Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve seen just about every industry race to adapt to the new normal, with many moving online and boosting their digital offerings in a bid to cater to increased demand.

But going digital and integrating the latest technological innovations spreads far beyond the pandemic, and dates back much further, too. For years, we’ve been making our way into the digital age, and even the hospitality industry has been transformed as a result, with many of the world’s biggest luxury casinos offering now elevated customer experiences in a bid to hold on to the wealthiest of clientele.

Resorts and casinos all over the US, in particular – which is known for being a luxury casino hotspot – are now doing all they can to remain competitive by creating a fully personalised experience, taking the level of service to lofty and never-seen-before heights and even allowing guests to curate their stay from start to finish.

Through a mix of various technologies and aided by the internet and the popularity of online casinos such as Unibet Live Casino, a few days spent in your favourite five-star resort will never be the same. Here, we take a look at the various technological hospitality trends that have been shaking things up for guests at some of the US’s most iconic luxury casino resorts.

Going touchless

Chips, dices and playing cards with aces for poker online or casino gambling
The use of technology has vastly improved the customer experience

In the wake of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, reducing contact between staff and guests has taken on a whole new level of importance – but high-end hotels and resorts in the US had already started implementing some new and advanced measures in this respect long before social distancing became the new norm.

This has been achieved through the introduction of various different technologies, some of the most notable of these being motion sensors and voice commands. Together, they have been used to bring a smarter experience into rooms, where guests can effortlessly control lighting and appliances remotely.

Another key trend has been providing keyless access to rooms. To unlock doors, guests now only need to use an app or swipe their phones – which means never again will you have to waste time rummaging in your handbag or pockets when you want to get inside quickly and relax.

Facial recognition to replace reward cards

Hotels and Casinos along the strip at dusk
Facial recognition is a new trend in some of the US’s leading casinos. Image credit: SeanPavonePhoto/

Facial recognition is an emerging trend amongst some of the US’s leading luxury casino resorts, as this kind of technology has allowed them to do away with loyalty cards and make all elements of the hospitality experience more seamless. When patrons come back to the hotel, they are instantly recognised, allowing staff to ensure they receive them in a more personalised way.

When guests order something, the staff already know where they are required to make the delivery – no matter where the patron happens to be in the hotel –  and when they sit down at a gaming machine or table in the casino, they are welcomed by name.

All the while, guest data is being continuously collected and is used to offer a more relevant and personalised experience to guests when they return for subsequent visits.

The use of robots

Gamer play casino roulette at a table in a casino
Robots are now used in a bid to provide a more personalised and futuristic experience

Robots, too, have been widely embraced in hospitality and on the casino floor, leading to the dawn of the robot butler, the robot bellman, and the robot hotel concierge. These robots are now taking over some of the tasks traditionally carried out by humans, all in a bid to provide a more personalised and futuristic experience.

Robots can interact with customers using multiple languages, welcoming them to the hotel and delivering ordered items to rooms. Although this technology is still being perfected. 

Many resorts have been quick to adopt it in its infancy; Hilton has Connie, Aloft has Botlr, and the Crown Plaza utilises Dash – paving the way for many other big-name brands to follow suit.

Vegas hotels and casinos such as Vdara, meanwhile, have also introduced robots for both delivery of amenities and food preparation, and with five-star casino resorts now more competitive than ever, it has proved to be a clever way to set themselves apart from the crowd.

Integrated guest applications

Close up laptop and smartphone screen with mobile app for online casino lottery
Many have begun to use smartphone apps to enhance the customer experience in new ways

Gamblers have been using gaming apps on their smartphones for some time now, and this has accelerated over the past year, with land-based casinos and resorts forced to close their doors during lockdowns. 

Some hotels, however, have seen the greater potential in this type of tech for the long term, and have begun to use smartphone apps to enhance the customer experience in new ways. Many have launched their own smartly designed applications to allow users to manage all elements of their stay – from booking and checking in, to opening rooms – and making reservations at the resort’s eateries for dinner and drinks.

Some have gone one step further, and allow guests to arrange a range of customisable elements to their stay from the comfort of their own luxury suite. Booking excursions and trips, spa experiences and activities is now possible all at just the touch of the button – which means no more inconvenient trips down to reception for guests.

The bottom line

When it comes to technological innovations, there’s no denying that the world of hospitality at some of America’s biggest luxury casino resorts has been transformed – and so too has the customer experience as a result.

All is made possible by one thing – data. And as technology continues to grow and develop beyond its current limitations, we can expect resorts and casinos to offer an even more personalised and more futuristic experience in the future, thus retaining their most demanding customers for the long term.

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