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How I found a first class ticket with Emirates for a lower price than any other site

By Natasha Bazika  |  February 23, 2020

It’s hard to beat a good travel deal. If you’re looking for a website that will help you find the best flight deals from anywhere in the world, then you can’t beat Mighty Travels Premium. This data-driven and user-friendly platform is a subscription service, which means neither the airline or other websites are making money from it. This is also great because users won’t be inundated with the call to action buttons popping up on the screen. Anyone looking to travel in style can find deals for both business class and first class. In fact, Mighty Travels Premium is the only worldwide deal service for business and first-class airfares, so you can get more bang for your well-earned buck. To put it to the test, I tried Mighty Travels Premium to find the best deals with the top airlines. 

The sign-up

Before you commit to a monthly or yearly subscription, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial here. So click it if you never want to miss out on a great deal. If you’re satisfied with the service you can sign up for a Basic yearly subscription, which is €3.58/month, but that only includes economy class fares. For €11.83/month, you will have access to unpublished business class, premium economy and first-class deals from anywhere in the world. You will also find individually recommended deals, access to the Mighty Travels Premium dashboard and real-time deal trackers. However, the yearly subscription is the best deal, because you get all that and more for a mere €7.28/month. 

Mighty Travels Premium is your proactive travel companion

The basics

After signing up, you will find a dashboard with several options including cabin class, airports, mileage program, airline alliance and many more. Once you sign up, you can set a home airport to make sure the best deals are from the airport that you’re closest to. Once you have entered your data, the platform will provide you with flight deals based on your search criteria. Each deal shows the departing and arriving airport, the airline with its rating, whether it’s an airline alliance, the trip dates, and information about mileage earnings, redemptions and airline fleet details. There is also an option to mark it as a cool deal, by simply clicking on the heart icon. 

Finding a deal

To put this site to the test we found a flight from Paris (CDG) to Christchurch (CHC) departing on Jun. 12 and returning on Jun. 26. That is approximately a 27-hour journey. On Mighty Travel Premium the flight is listed at €5,296 for a roundtrip airfare first-class ticket with Emirates. On Emirates, the same flight is listed at €6,242. That’s a saving of around €946.35 for a first-class ticket from Paris to Christchurch. The same can be done for hotel deals. All you have to do is type in the place you want to stay and scroll through the best deals on the internet. 

Mighty Travels Premium finds the best deals from airlines such as Emirates. Image credit: palinchak/

Travel assistant

An option on the dashboard is Travel Assistant. This tool allows you to search for specific departure dates or departures around weekends. Simply choose a date, a national holiday or weekend and input your destination airport – choose up to three airports. The system finds the best deals and sends alerts every 24 hours to keep you informed of the best deals as they happen. 

The very best deals

One of my favorite features is The Very Best Deals tool, which finds the best deals on the internet. As long as you’re not committed to specific dates, this tool is great for impromptu trips and spontaneous travelers. Set out in a table, users will find a clean layout that is simple to follow and understand. The columns provide the date of the deal, the airline, price, cabin class, departure, and destination airport, booking link as well as a column with notes on the deal. For instance, there is a deal for Davao to Athens with Qatar Airways. The roundtrip business class ticket costs €1,217 and in the notes section, it states this is a great Qatar deal with Europe. When you continue to scroll down, the same table exists for hotel deals all around the world from New York to Barcelona. 

Find the very best deals for Qatar Airways and travel in style in 2020. Image credit: Soos Jozsef/

Final thoughts

At first, I thought this site would only be useful if I didn’t have set dates, but knowing that there is a travel assistant who can find me the best deals on the spot is a satisfying thought. Furthermore, like most, I prefer to fly the top airlines and it’s refreshing to find a travel deals site that includes first and business class tickets. Overall, the site is easy to use and understand, and it is personalised. I like having that it notifies me if a flight I’m looking for is on special. It is a one-stop-shop for all travel deals.

So what are you waiting for? Start your 30 day free trial now and take full advantage of the very best luxury travel deals.

As well as Mighty Travels Premium, other great travel websites in the group that are worth visiting include Mighty Rates and Mighty Fares.

Image credit at the very top of the article: Grand Warszawski/