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How to experience Dubai in style this year

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - June 5, 2019: Dubai seaside skyline and Burj Al Arab luxury hotel aerial view at sunrise

Dubai is skyrocketing to the top of popular tourist destinations. With year-round warmth and endless entertainment, it is a well designed tourist trap in new-era opulence. Dubai is now defined by striking high rise buildings, luminescent souks, luxury yacht-filled marinas and high end hotels. Most of this was created in the last fifty years, purpose built to showcase the new wealth of the Emirates. Under 73 thousand residents populated the town of Dubai just fifty years ago, unimaginable when compared to the 20 million tourists forecast to visit the city next year.

We have put together some hints and tips so that you can capitalise on the experiences of this new metropolis in style, and beat the crowds to the best Dubai has to offer.

Yacht Hire

Being surrounded by water in the forty five degree heat of summer, you would do well to avoid the temptation of a cooling yacht trip. If you are a fan of water sports, then that can be a great option for a day of thrilling activity. If you prefer to enjoy a full day or two out at sea, then how about hiring a yacht to sail Dubai’s coast? The many luxury yachts available for hire often come with spas, large sleeping cabins, and even staff to employ for the duration of your trip. Splurge on the pinnacle of luxury, because with bargain fuel prices you won’t need to worry about hidden costs. In fact, a day or two out on the water could cost you less than you might think.

The Burj-al-Arab
The Burj-al-Arab is the only seven-star hotel in the world

Seven Star Luxury

The Burj-al-Arab is the only seven-star hotel in the world. Yes, truly! A whole new category was created for this hotel. It is based in the older part of the city, right by the beach, where there is still plenty to see and do. If you want to experience the opulence but don’t fancy staying there, you can book a table for the evening, or just head in for drinks or afternoon tea. However, if you can’t resist living like royalty, this is the hotel for you. ‘One of a kind’ is not an overstatement.

The Palm

Another exclusive spot to stay is the new and man-made part of Dubai, called The Palm (which is palm tree shaped and can be spotted from space). The most famous and luxurious hotel out on The Palm is the Atlantis Hotel, prominent and striking even from the outside. You can enjoy some pretty incredible rooms, including ones offering an exclusive view of the hotel’s aquarium, as well as access to the hotel’s own water park. Non-guests can also visit the water park, so it is worth looking for Atlantis voucher codes online prior to your holiday no matter where you will be based. If you desire modern luxury in a hotel with more to offer than you can even imagine, then this is the place for you.

There are a plethora of luxury hotels across Dubai, whether based on The Palm or further afield. All the big names in the hotel industry have a spot in the city, so if you want to experience the best of the best then make your online hotel booking today and await the adventures and luxury that are promised from this Arabian paradise.

An Artificial Jumeirah Palm Island On Sea Dubai United Arab Emirates
‘The Palm’ as it’s known, is a sprawling beach resort that’s entirely artificial

Exploring the Desert

The buzz of the city isn’t for everyone, but with expanses of desert surrounding Dubai you do not have to travel far for a breather. For the adventurous, how about taking in some of the huge Dubai sand dunes in a specially designed 4×4? With hardly a road in sight, it is a great way to get that ‘true Dubai’ experience. Here, you can soak up the atmosphere of a country overflowing with parched, raw beauty. Although the extreme off-roading available is definitely an adrenaline junkie’s heaven, the Dubai speciality is offering a holiday perfect for all. Tailor your trip to be more sedate if that is what your party desires, and enjoy the sands in relaxing luxury. Sitting on the dunes, enjoying the spectacular colours of the sunset, is an incredible experience. A luxury that not many people will get to enjoy.

Dream Car Rental

Travel is a great way to experience a few things that you normally would not get the chance to. For travellers who are looking to do things in style, why not take the opportunity to rent a dream worthy car for part, or all, of your stay. Amazing cars such as Aston Martins, Ferraris, Lamborghinis and more, can be seen cruising through the streets of Dubai. Here is one place where you definitely won’t look out of place in the car of your dreams. Seize the opportunity!

DUBAI, UAE - FEBRUARY 19: Interior View of Dubai Mall 7th largest mall in the world February 19, 2010 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
he shopping in Dubai is second to none, with a variety of places primed to satiate your shopping needs. Image credit: Naiyyer/

Dubai Mall

The shopping in Dubai is second to none, with a variety of places primed to satiate your shopping needs. The ultimate experience is to be had at the Dubai Mall, as there is just so much on offer. Here you can find your standard high-street stores, with a lot of American brands and sports shops, but other areas of the mall are sparkling golden souks, or a luxury area for designer shopping. As you might imagine, that area is a little quieter than the rest of the mall, so you can shop and enjoy doing so at a leisurely place. It is also a must to eat at one of the great restaurants that the mall has to offer, before stopping to wonder at the daily water fountain show flashing against the Burj Khalifa, a beautiful backdrop.


If you want to admire the entirety of the UAE in one trip, gaining a spectacular aerial view is the way to do so. Take to the sky using Seawings for a particularly novel way to appreciate the country. Tours focus on both Dubai’s heritage, as well as its modern highlights. As a tourist you can really experience all that there is on offer, whilst enjoying the thrill of taking off and landing on the water. How many people can say that they have ever done that? You will see the whole city in thrilling style, from a new perspective.

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