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Indian Ocean heavyweights: Maldives vs. Seychelles

Maldives v Seychelles

To celebrate the launch of Just Fly Business’s brand new Luxury Offers Holiday hub, Alex Way, the brand’s managing director, has written a ‘Head-to-Head’ of the two most luxurious destinations the Indian Ocean has to offer.

If we were to describe the Maldives and the Seychelles in boxing terms, they would be powerful heavyweights that both pack a hell of a punch.

A clash between these two would certainly make for a keenly-contested, Indian Ocean showdown, and one that we are sure would fill out the biggest stadiums around the world.

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, choosing between these two locations can be challenging, so we decided to help you out, round-by-round!

Round 1: Price and Luxury

Both of these destinations are comfortably in the ‘luxury’ category, with the cost of evening meals often averaging out at around £70 per head. In total, the cost of package trips can rise up to £2,500 per person during peak travelling periods, although those willing to fly business class, can often make added savings through our team over at with up to 70% off business class flights.

This, coupled with the often-scarce availability to the Seychelles (thanks to its surge in popularity) can actually makes high-end luxury more affordable in the Maldives.

Round 2: Logistics

The best time to visit the Maldives is typically between September and April, as this is when the weather is at its most advantageous. There are two main islands to visit here, although the majority of first-time travellers will stick to one and head straight to their resort from the perfectly situated Male airport. There are frequent transfers available to travellers from this airport, which takes the stress and hassle out of your holiday so you can focus on what really matters!

The Seychelles presents a slightly different approach, where it typically offers longer transfers from the main airport to the precise island where you’ve chosen to stay. Many look to take advantage of this to explore their exotic surroundings, with the beaches of Mahe and smaller islands such as Denis and Desroches particularly well-suited to short, spontaneous stays. So really, the longer journey could well turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

Your choice will depend on how you like to travel, and whether you are heading abroad to relax or seek out sights and adventure.

Round 3: Accommodation

Once again, the cost of staying in the Seychelles is slightly higher, thanks primarily to the location and design of the regions’ hotels. Large selections of the islands hotels are five star and with that, comes ultimate quality. On the other hand, the Maldives prides itself on catering for slightly more affordable options to those with slightly more restricted budgets, but still want to enjoy the full luxury experience.

The range of available hotels is certainly a little more restricted in the Seychelles, with individual guesthouses also available at a premium. Once again, your choice will depend on your budget and the type of travelling experience that you are looking for, but those in search of affordable luxury may be better served by favouring the Maldives.

Over to the judges

As you can see, it’s a close contest between the destinations as they both offer mouth-watering luxury at an affordable price. We’d like to definitely call this one a tie. There’s only so far we can go with our comparison and we now hope that you have all the knowledge you need to make your final decision. We can assure you this though…whichever destination you choose, you will not be disappointed. Make sure you check out to seek out the latest Luxury Holiday deals to these beautiful must-visit destinations.