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India’s enchanting Pink City and a stay at the lebua Resort, Jaipur

India is arguably the most fascinating country in the world. Over a billion people, 700 languages and dialects, a rich and diverse culture, natural beauty and the most lovably chaotic and vibrant experience any visitor could ask for.

The golden triangle is the name given to India’s most popular travel itinerary which includes Delhi, Agra and the Taj Mahal, and Jaipur, India’s Pink City.

In the serene hills on the outskirts of the city is the lebua Resort, Jaipur ; a beautiful boutique resort perfectly situated to allow guests to explore this magical city and a respite to return for pampering in fine accommodations.

The main reason to come to lebua is to relax and get away from it all but it is also a great base to check out Jaipur.  The area is filled with a rich history, UNESCO world heritage sites, majestic forts, temples and a mesmerizing culture, as well as the sights and scenes of daily life.

The people of Jaipur are as colourful as the city itself. Women with their beautiful saris, school children in uniforms, distinguished and eccentric men with colourful turbans and long white beards. The city is vibrant with an artful chaos of traffic, sights and sounds.

As you first arrive at lebua or after a day of exploring, guests are greeted by the doorman, bedecked in Rajasthani regal attire. Guests enter the domed shaped welcoming salon with its dramatic lighting and geometrical shaped bricks designed to maximize cooling air flow and sunlight during the day.

Just as the salon, the entire resort’s design is original, contemporary and completely Indian. In fact, there are many striking architectural shapes and designs throughout the property, many of which are based on the historical discoveries from Jaipur’s prominent scientists, astrologists, and mathematicians.

The building’s dark mauve colour fits in perfectly with the arid landscapes and mountains which are the backdrop of the property.  The resort has an abundance of natural beauty and manicured lawns, and bougainvillea bursting with vibrant oranges, purples, and white coloured petals.

lebua Resort, Jaipur is surrounded by the Aravalli Mountains, which are among the oldest mountain ranges in the world.  It’s peaceful there and spread over 22 acres and with only 50 rooms and suites, there is a feeling of exclusivity and intimacy.

The resort has accommodations ranging in size from spacious to expansive. The villas are 1900 sq. feet and feature dramatic design elements of a swinging couch, three dimensional wall art and rich deep colours, rich textured wallpapers, and ornate latticework.

There are many unique design elements such as the backlit murals depicting local life scenes. The bathroom is as large as most hotel rooms with a sunken bathtub and walk in shower and steam room. The sitting room is in another part of the villa and there is also a separate kitchen area. Out of doors there is an enclosed courtyard with a temperature controlled pool with private garden and lounge area.

Dining is as memorable as the hotel’s design with an international menu of dishes to choose from. Part of what makes a visit to India, and the Rajasthan area in particular, is the fantastic food. The chef and culinary team at lebua Resort, Jaipur specialise in exceptional regional food so that guests have an authentic local dining experience,.

Not to be missed is the Rajasthani Tahli which is a selection of the region’s favourite dishes in small tasting plates served in brass bowls with a beautiful presentation.  The restaurant’s setting is exceptional as well with the gold painted domed ceiling and elegant table settings.

There are plenty of activities to do on the property. Guests enjoy the large pool area with separate pool for children or the pool at their villa. The pools are the perfect place for a cocktail while taking in the views of the mountains and countryside.

Villa Pool

There are large lawn areas created for social events as well as a game of croquet with the children. There is also an acclaimed spa with several treatment rooms offering a wide range of massages and other wellness rituals.

lebua is an excellent base to explore all of the wonders of the area and the helpful staff can assist with guests wishing to explore the area and the must see sites.

Amer Fort is one of the top attractions in the area. It was built in 1592 and is still extremely well preserved. The fort is built with red sandstone and marble and gives amazing views of the valley to the lake. Hours can be spent exploring the various pavilions, hallways and grounds.

Nearby is the equally impressive Jaigarh Fort. The fort was built in the 18th Century by Sawan Jai Singh II for which Jaipur is named. In fact the two forts are connected by a series of tunnels. The fort is a great vantage point to take in the wonderful views of the surrounding areas and has beautiful and well-manicured gardens of its own to behold. Guests are also amazed by the family of monkeys who watch over the fort.

Other must see sights are the temples which are sacred places and are monuments to the Hindu faith and are still functioning places of worship.  The Birla temple is one of Jaipur’s architectural landmarks and is constructed of white marble. Inside there are beautiful carvings of Hindu Gods as well as saints from other faiths and philosophers.

One thing that the casual tourist may not be aware of are the numerous scientific discoveries and achievements that have come out of India. One fascinating place to visit is the Janta Mantar Observatory which was also built by Maharaja Jai Singh II, the founder of the ‘pink city’, who was also a great scholar and devoted astrologer.

This UNESCO world heritage site is one of the largest ever built and houses the world’s biggest sundial along with numerous architectural and astrological instruments.

City Palace is another must see and do experience while in Jaipur. The palace is a home of the Royal Museum and displays the royal family’s 300 years of artefacts, weapons, and costumes.  City Palace is gorgeous with beautiful wall murals, architecture and design and the royal family still lives in part of the palace.

India and Jaipur is a must experience destination for any global traveller. There is no place on earth like it and it is truly a memorable area to discover. lebua Resort, Jaipur makes the perfect base to explore all that this abundant area has to offer. The resort’s design, accommodation, dining and service make it a great option when visiting this magical location.


Address: Agra Road, Tehsil Ballupura, Jamdoli, Rajasthan 302031, India

Phone:    +91 141 305 0211