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Join the club: The smarter choice for luxury travel


Private members clubs are setting a new standard for excellence in the luxury travel business.

Whilst many dream of taking a ‘once in a lifetime’ trip, the reality of planning every last detail is so often out of reach for today’s busy professionals. Although the world may seem to be at our fingertips through the click of a button, how can we be sure the experience ‘on the ground’ will deliver? It can be hard to really get a sense of what is truly unmissable in your dream destination from thousands of miles away after all.

As we all become more well-travelled, seeking out newer and unique experiences around the globe, one of the most time consuming aspects of planning such a trip can be simply knowing where to start.

Of course, there are a raft of companies offering bespoke luxury travel packages. But without a personal recommendation, or previous experience of an operator, it can often be difficult to trust that the level of service offered will meet high expectations.

The Alpha Club has already secured a reputation for its exceptional ‘money can’t buy’ experiences

One man who has learned first-hand a better way to experience the world is Travel de Courcey owner Adrian de Courcey. As the head of the fastest growing bus and coach company in the UK, the demands of managing a £16 million business often leave little time for in-depth holiday planning. Adrian, and many others like him, are increasingly seeking out private members clubs, which as well as the many business and social networking benefits they afford, also offer exceptional luxury travel and bespoke concierge services.

As a member of the Alpha Club, Adrian and his wife were guests of the club’s most recent exclusive luxury VIP safari trip. The Alpha Club has already secured a reputation for its exceptional ‘money can’t buy’ experiences and penchant for fine food, and so it was the perfect choice for Adrian to experience what he has described as “genuinely, the trip of a lifetime”.

The trip saw an intimate group of the club’s members and affiliates whisked away to South Africa, Zambia and Botswana for 7 days, where every single aspect of the experience had been intricately planned to deliver a truly bespoke vision of just how well luxury travel could be done. A club spokesperson said: “We like to think we do things ‘the Alpha way’, and this is what makes us so different – we take the time to add the finer details.”

The Alpha Club can offer the rare opportunity for members to meet the extraordinary wildlife and see the wonders of Africa

Adrian describes the uncompromising attention to detail of every aspect of the trip as being what set the Alpha Club holiday apart from other luxury travel he has experienced before. “It was not the sort of thing I could have ever dreamed of, really. For my wife and I, it wasn’t just that the big things were taken care of, but even the small things, every tiny thing was thought about and taken care of for you.” He adds: “The food literally was out of this world. It really was incredibly well done.”

For many travellers, it is these personal touches that really make a difference, so who better to organise exactly what your heart desires than a club of like-minded members? Most private members clubs are loosely based around industry sector or business interest, so members can be confident they will be in good company.

Adrian notes the quality of the networking opportunities, along with the exceptional food, as being some of the main benefits so far of his year-long membership in the Alpha Club. Having recruited Michelin starred chef Adam Simmonds as the executive chef for their brand new members club venue, opening in Milton Keynes this summer, it’s no surprise that Alpha Club’s luxury travel offering also has first class food at its heart.

This exclusive club combines business driven networking events with a socially compatible and like-minded membership, enabling you to access a world of unparalleled networking opportunities whilst enjoying a lifestyle many can only dream of

But it’s not just great food which elevates a trip from great to outstanding. It’s the element of surprise – discovering the perfect secluded cove, or wandering off the beaten track a little, or finding your way to the perfect spot to watch the sunset. It is this aspect of discovery – without the hard work of planning – which makes a curated, bespoke trip all the more enticing. While many professionals will have scratched the surface with ‘all bases covered’ business travel, the next generation of luxury concierge travel services go the extra mile to create what Adrian describes as “a truly WOW experience”.

Ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs have always understood the networking benefits of private club membership, but it is clubs like the Alpha Club that are really taking these opportunities to the next level with luxury travel. With the boundaries between business and pleasure becoming ever more blurred as flexible working and technology progress, the idea that personal luxury travel could also reap business benefits is a very attractive one.

The Alpha Club has recently released the dates for the next safari trip, 29th February – 7th March 2020

For Adrian, it is clear that experiencing first-hand the benefits of the ‘Alpha’ travel approach, there is no turning back. “There’s so much I could say, but actually it’s hard to put into words, because the trip was that good.” His verdict on the Alpha Club as a whole? ” I would say they’re not just good. They are exceptional!”

The Alpha Club has recently released the dates for the next safari trip, 29th February – 7th March 2020. Perhaps it’s time to take your travel plans to the next level too…

To find out more about Alpha Club membership and their luxury travel concierge services, visit