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Luxury awaits you in Cape Town

Camps Bay and Lion's Head mountain, amazing panoramic landscape of a coastal city, part of a Table Mountain National Park, Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is a rare kind of destination, as it truly does offer something for everyone. Cape Town provides the back-drop of beautiful scenery and nature, and allows you to appreciate it however the mood takes you. Whether your idea of bliss is adventure seeking, relaxing by the beach, or treating yourself to some pampering, Cape Town’s diversity means it has it all. The city is sure to charm you in a way which you will not forget.

A holiday starts in the airport, and for a trip to Cape Town your flights, both international and internal, are the first thing you should book. Prices sore, especially in the peak seasons. Book early to ensure that you can find the flights you want, in order to get your holiday off to a fabulous start. It is easy to check the possible destinations to and from Cape Town on flysafair and get an idea about the potential route you could be taking. Booking your flights will also help you know how long you’ll be staying in Cape Town, so you can start planning and booking accordingly.

Aerial view over Cape Town, South Africa with Table Mountain
Sitting at the feet of iconic Table Mountain, Cape Town is a little city that packs a big punch

Tour the city on a private yacht

Cape Town is home to so much beauty that making sure you soak it all up can be an overwhelmingly daunting task. As a city flanked by the Atlantic, the sea is a great place to step back and appreciate Cape Town from a new, more peaceful, perspective. With the heights of summer reaching 30 degrees Celsius, the breeze of the ocean and cooling water makes boat travel all the more appealing. For a five star experience, charter a private yacht and fulfil your holiday dreams. Then sail to False Bay if you need more from a day than soaking in the sun. Here, a number of water activities will add an adventurous touch to your luxury vacation. Choose from jet-skiing, diving or snorkelling, until you have worked up enough of an appetite to capitalise on the skills of your yacht’s personal chef. What could be better than spectacular fine-dining, with an appetizer of mesmerizing views and dessert of magnificent sunsets.

Hot air balloon over the Cape Winelands

If you’re looking for a unique experience in Cape Town, a hot air balloon ride should be at the top of your list. Hot air balloons provide a relaxing and luxurious experience wherever you travel, however in Cape Town the views afforded by them are truly unforgettable, and take the experience to the next level. As you soar through the sky over the mesmerizing landscape of the Cape Winelands sprawling city, you will be treated to a perspective of Cape Town few are lucky enough to be privy to. If you are travelling with a partner, this is sure to provide the romantic highlight of your trip, making memories together bound to last a lifetime.

Beautiful landscape of Cape Winelands, wine growing region in South Africa
Wine tasting is one of the best ways to spend a day in Cape Town

Fine-dining and wine-tasting experiences

Cape Town is home to bold and eclectic tastes, providing an exciting fine dining experience. Choose from a variety of different cuisines that make up the South African culture, and enjoy a delectable meal that will anchor Cape Town in your senses for a long time to come. Game meat, such as zebra and springbok, are worth trying for a luxury taste of South Africa. For dessert, turn to koeksisters or malva pudding if you are intrigued by local dishes. With South African wine also being unmatched in its taste and quality, a wine-tasting experience with spectacular views is not something to miss. For a truly unique experience, take a ride on the Franschhoek Wine Tram through the vineyards of the Franschhoek Valley. This would be worth it for the scenery and views alone, but when paired with the top-quality, taste bud tantalising, wine on offer, it becomes unmissable.

Enjoy a luxury spa experience

It is not a holiday without giving your body a chance to really relax. Restore total calm at One and Only Spa, where sublime landscapes and exquisite gardens are combined with pampering treatments, to create an experience of pure luxury. Here find unique experiences that combine local African influences with modern cutting-edge techniques, to pamper both your body and soul.

overall aerial view of Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town is packed with great things to do and places to go

Party with a silent disco experience

South African sunrises are not something to miss. So why not party until the sun comes up in an unforgettable silent disco. Events are organised all over the city, to allow you to witness the sunrise whilst partying in the open air. If you would rather not share this special experience with strangers, create your own bespoke night and indulge in real VIP treatment. Invite your chosen guests over to your private luxury accommodation at one of the Clifton Villas, and dance the night away without upsetting the neighbours. Whilst rules restrict against loud music, a silent disco will give you the freedom to party as you please. Private parties are always top-notch, and just the kind of quality and luxury that you expect with personal chefs and services being accounted for.

Cape Town is rich with opportunities for amazing experiences, and provides all the ingredients for a truly exceptional holiday. From unique activities to breath-taking scenery, Cape Town is the picture-perfect luxury getaway. Seamlessly integrate secluded splendour, indulgent pampering, and exquisite gourmet food with the occasional taste of adventure by treating yourself a private yacht or helicopter experience. Discover all that Cape Town has to offer, in a way that you are bound to treasure for years to come.