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Luxury camping continues to grow in popularity, especially among millennials

Whilst there are those who enjoy travelling abroad during the summer, many typically prefer exploring closer to home, and this year glamping seems to be the best holiday option.

This upmarket form of camping, otherwise known as glamping, has been continuously growing in popularity over the last ten years and according to Mintel — the market research company — the amount of people enjoying a glamping trip is expected to rise up to 21 million by 2020.

In recent years tourists have been choosing to stay closer to home rather than booking a luxury holiday abroad, which has resulted in ‘posh camping’ becoming one of the fastest-growing trends in travel.

Interior of a Luxury Camping Tent with King Size Bed and Leather Furniture
Millennials have driven the rapid growth in glamping here in the UK

Reasons for the glamping hype

Proven in a survey conducted last year by Go Outdoors, research revealed that 4 in 5 Brits would prefer to have a ‘staycation’ in the UK than to travel abroad — their reasons were based solely on affordability, safety and reducing travel time.

Not only does this popular alternative save plenty of money, but it also allows you the opportunity to experience a more refined closeness to nature, whilst still enjoying the luxuries of modern-day life.

If regular camping has been proven to reduce stress and contribute to your emotional and physical health, thereby think of the benefits that five-star luxury camping can offer to your wellbeing — whether or not you have already experienced the enjoyment of glamping, these positive impacts are most definitely worth basking in.

Perfect for all age groups, the array of glamping options can accommodate anyone wanting to revel in the benefits of staying close to nature — children will truly love the freedom of exploring and adults can take in the peacefulness of sitting cosily around the fire pit whilst enjoy a glass of wine.

Previously, holidaymakers had to endure the challenges of regular camping, however, now they can enjoy the great outdoors with a touch of glamour and comfort, meaning that spending time in a natural setting has never been more perfect.

Alexander House in Scotland is the perfect glamping retreat from the hustle and bustle of work and your daily life

Find the best glamping places in the UK

As the popularity of luxury camping has grown throughout the years, more and more sites have been established across the UK to meet high-demands, and this year there are more than 150 glamping sites around the country — plenty of quirky and extravagant options to choose from.

With an array of amazing options available, finding the perfect location for your dream glamping getaway has never been simpler. For example, Broxhall Farm’s Hermand’s Hut in Kent is a beautifully cosy and characterful space that overlooks rolling hills and has a network of footpaths ready to take you on an adventure.

Chilterns View
The Chilterns View in Oxfordshire equally offers a fantastic glamping experience

The Chilterns View in Oxfordshire equally offers a fantastic glamping experience, as you can stay in a luxury lodge, equipped with all the homely amenities you’ll require — use the WiFi if necessary, and indulge in the deluxe hot tub.

Similarly, you will find yourself enjoying every minute that you stay in The Tree How at Craighead in Perthshire, as it is the ideal place to enjoy a truly opulent, glamping trip — stargaze from the balcony and keep warm by the fire pit, as you sip your wine whilst waiting for your al-fresco meal to be cooked on the barbecue.

If you’d like to go on a luxury camping trip that is more ‘off-the-grid’ then there are plenty of options to choose from. Eco-glamping and digital detox are the perfect breaks for those wanting to step away from screens and instead reconnect with nature and is perfect for those wanting to experience a more primal form of luxury camping.

Why purchase a rickety old tent when you can instead book some time at a luxury camping resort and experience a new form of opulence? Forget about ‘roughing it’, as the new form of five-star camping offers the experience you’ve been hoping for and the home comforts you will definitely miss.