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Luxury hotels in Mallorca: Your unfettered ticket to paradise

By LLM Reporters on 14th June 2018

When it comes to long, sandy beaches and picturesque sea views, you don’t always have to travel as far as you think, and whilst Paradise islands such as Maldives and Bora Bora seem to dominate travel brochures and websites, you can often find a slice of the same far closer to home.

The Balearic islands – made up of Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza – are popular holiday destinations for party loving Brits – but outside of the main resorts, each offers a luxurious alternative for visitors seeking that relaxing summer getaway.

Mallorca or Majorca is the largest island in the Balearic Islands, which are part of Spain and located in the Mediterranean

Mallorca, in particular, is known for its status as a tourist haven throughout the year, due in part to its amazing climate and variety of pristine beaches. The capital of Palma is likewise famous as a thriving retail centre, and with a host of historic attractions, there is plenty for visitors to do and see.

Luxury-seeking holidaymakers can find an array of lavish hotels scattered across the island, meaning a relaxing week or two in the sunshine is just a short hop away.

Variety is the spice of life 

Luxury is defined differently by every visitor. Some associate it with large franchise establishments, while others prefer the peace and quiet often attributed to boutique properties. Mallorca offers something for everyone, and here, even high-end hotels are known for their competitive fees – making it the perfect destination in which to treat yourself without spending the earth. Whether you’re looking for an expansive chain hotel or a more intimate boutique feel, Mallorca has it all.

The island is home to a number of luxury hotels scuh as Hotel Es Princep (pictured)

Where are the majority of hotels located? 

With most of the island’s finest hotels located close to the coastline, access to Mallorca’s incredible beaches is never more than a few steps away. The Bay of La Palma and the Bay of Alcudia are two particularly popular spots, as their respective urban centres are ideal for those wanting to experience a bit of culture during their stay.

Other properties can be found interspersed along the eastern coast due to the calm prevailing winds, so the choice really is yours – take a look at Google Maps to find your prime spot. It’s a great way to get a feel for the layout of the island, and will help you to plan out some trips for your time on the island, too.

Mallorca has a sunny personality thanks to its ravishing beaches, azure views, remote mountains and soulful hill towns

Top tips when securing a reservation 

Found your perfect hotel? Then it’s time to get booking. While third-party booking portals are often a useful starting point, we recommend taking a look at the hotel’s official website for the most detailed information, and often, the best offers. Just type the hotel name – for example, “small luxury hotel majorca esprincep” – into Google for direct access. You can determine other factors such as the size of the rooms and the types of accommodations offered – useful information when deciding which type of room to pick.

Most experts recommend securing any reservation at least six weeks in advance during the autumn and Winter, so if you’re planning to arrive in the height of the summer tourist season – between May and September – then be sure to plan at least ten weeks ahead. Not only will you find more flexible pricing packages, but vacancy rates are likely to be higher, too.

Mallorca is one of the gems of the Mediterranean Sea, and if you’re hankering after a luxurious getaway this summer then there’s no need to look any further. From its selection of lavish hotels to its tasty Spanish food and picturesque beaches and views, there’s no better place to spend a week or two of R&R.

Image at the very top of the article credit: Belmond La Residencia – which is widely regarded as one of the most intimate hotels in Mallorca