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Luxury island hotspots: Here are the top 5 long-haul destinations to visit in 2017

tropical island

If you are going to go to the expense of booking a long-haul trip, you may as well go all out and obtain the maximum value for your money. This not only includes travelling in first or business class, but also selecting the most idyllic and remote locations to visit in the first place.

We take a good look at five, long-haul luxury hotspots, and ask which ones should be a “must-visit” on your bucket list.

1.) Baros Island in The Maldives

Baros Island - Maldives
Baros Island

Even if you have visited the beautiful Maldives, your trip cannot be considered complete without exploring the stunning Baros Island. With its manicured grounds, lush gardens and spectacular architecture, Baros offers an intimate but luxurious experience that is representative of the region. The island’s locals are also exceptionally welcoming, while it goes without saying the climate and amenities are truly first class.

2.) Woodwark Bay in Australia

Woodwork Bay - Australia
Woodwark Bay

A peaceful and tranquil location, Woodwork Bay combines golden coastline with lush greenery like no other hotspot in the world. It is also part of the picturesque Whitsunday Islands, offering you access to a remote network of destinations that are ripe for exploration. If you have ever wanted to spend an intimate few days in a thatched hut beneath the blazing sun, this is undoubtedly the location for you!

3.) The Oberoi Islands in Mauritius

Oberoi Island - Mauritius
The Oberoi Islands

Set in an undeniably secluded and often sun-kissed spot on Mauritius’ Northwest coastline, the Oberoi Islands deliver a truly relaxing, intimate and luxurious travel experience. The region is also renowned for its African-influenced architecture, with both palm-thatched structured and open-air houses dotted along the coastline. The resorts here are also renowned for their outstanding level of service, while they also offer incredibly diverse entertainment including live music and superb saxophonists.

4.) North Island Lodge in the Seychelles

North Island Lodge
North Island Lodge

Next up we come to the Seychelles, which remains one of the world’s most remote and exotic locations. At the heart of this location is the world-renowned North Island Lodge, which combines unique architecture, luxury amenities and the surrounding Takamaka trees to spectacular effect. The local and protected wildlife is also something to behold, with turtles and rare, indigenous seedlings currently being monitored by global research groups in a build to restore local habitats.

5.) Seminyak in Bali


Seminyak is arguably one of the most cosmopolitan and contemporary locations on our list, and one, which combines high-end eateries, and designer stores with stunning beaches as part of a stunning island destination. With stores offering everything from sleek homeware to delicate silk dresses, Seminyak delivers a travel experience that could have been tailor-made for today’s generation of Millennials and young professionals.

So there you have it; five stunning island locations that offer genuine value for long-haul travellers. We recommend that you add these to your bucket list, particularly if you remain a passionate traveller with a yearning for adventure.