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Macau: If it’s good enough for Bond…

When it comes to selecting a luxury destination for your next trip, the plethora of options available can often seem overwhelming. Whilst your next voyage of discovery is undoubtedly one of the most exciting things you’ll do all year, with so much choice, how do you pick just one place? And, more importantly, how can you be sure that it will live up to your expectations, and your particularly refined taste? After all, you wouldn’t want to spend the entirety of your trip wishing you’d spent the time – and money – elsewhere.

If a city has featured in A James Bond film, then it’s usually fairly safe to assume that it’s worth a visit, and with this in mind, Macau is one destination that should be close to the top of your hitlist. Featuring heavily in hit film, Skyfall, when Daniel Craig’s Bond descends on the city on discovering that a casino chip – and a crucial clue in the film’s plot – is located there, Macau is a prime destination for anyone who enjoys a bit of a flutter. And, with an incredible 33 casinos to choose from, it’s certainly not difficult to see why.

Macau Tower
The incredible Macau Tower is a sight not to be missed, standing at an imposing 338 metres tall and boasting an observation area from which to view the region at its best

Often referred to as the Las Vegas of the Orient, Macau is often likened to the vibrant US city – though in actual fact, it ought to be the other way round, since Macau is, actually the highest grossing gambling region in the world. Packed with glamorous clientele who are just dying to get a piece of the action, its casinos do a roaring trade night after night – though curiously enough, the online gambling operations that facilitate such a beloved pastime here in the UK are not, in fact, licensed in Macau! Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to get a bit of practice in at home before you go, so be sure to make the most of the live online casino to get some tips before jetting off, and you’ll be wowing the crowds at the blackjack table in Macau in no time at all.

But Macau is about far more than just its vast array of casinos, offering visitors some incredible architecture, history and cuisine. Don’t plan to spend all of your time here gambling, or you’ll miss out on a city that offers a rich cultural experience.

Juxtaposed against the grand and modern casino buildings, the charm of the older buildings is what really gives the city its distinctive atmosphere. The region was, in fact, a Portuguese territory right up until the end of the millennium, which means that there’s a fascinating blend of cultures to be found there. There are certain streets that seem really to belong in Portugal, and when you stand and behold the buildings it’s sometimes difficult to believe that you are actually in the East.

Macau Often is often referred to as the Las Vegas of the Orient

The incredible Macau Tower is a sight not to be missed, standing at an imposing 338 metres tall and boasting an observation area from which to view the region at its best. Offering breathtaking views for miles around, it’s an absolute must for any first timer in Macau – and as if such height and grandeur weren’t luxurious enough, you’ll also find great shopping and restaurants to enjoy, too.

And foodies, rejoice, for Macau’s cuisine is really quite something, and unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else in the world. Again, it’s this collision of cultures that make it what it is, and you’ll often find delicious dishes such as the classic Portuguese egg tart and Galinha a Portuguesa – a coconut based dish with chicken and potato – on offer. These are, of course, just for starters, and Macau offers a rich gastronomic experience to all who are looking for one.

If it’s good enough for Bond, it’s good enough for Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, and we have to say, Macau is well worth a visit.