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Our top 5 pick of wintery HIP Hotels

By Jess Marshall on 24th October 2019

Autumn is well and truly here, and with the trees changing colours and shedding their leaves it might be time to think about the perfect escape from the winter blues with a wonderful winter holiday.

Look no further than HIP Hotels (which stands for Highly Individual Places) for some winter break inspiration. HIP Hotels’ collection only feature the most unique, characterful and charming hidden-gems from around the world. Adventurers who are looking for an experience off the beaten track, and want hotels that have soul, adventure and luxury baked right in, will find exactly what they’re looking for at

The diversity of the hotels featured means there is truly something for everyone — how about a snow day in the tranquil solitude of a mountain top hotel? A spa day in the forest, a city break, or a comfort filled English countryside stay — all of these and more can be found at HIP Hotels.

These are our top 5 picks for the best wintery stays of 2019.

Hotel and Restaurant Bad Schorgau, South Tyrol, Italy

The first stop is South Tyrol, Italy, home to family-run Hotel and Restaurant Bad Schörgau, a forest hide-away so engulfed in woodland it looks like a natural addition to its mountainous backdrop. Everything about Bad Schörgau softly whispers serenity, while emphasising the importance of reconnection, not only to nature but to the guests themselves. The onsite health and wellness spa is a place where visitors go to relax and truly soak up the beauty that surrounds them. With hot tubs, an outdoor sauna and a swimming pool, the hotel invites guests to detox from the stresses and harshness of everyday life, and to immerse themselves fully into the soul of this exceptional place.

Nature is at the forefront, not only on the outside of Bad Schörgau, but within their light and airy bedrooms, furnished with light woods, soft fabrics and dark, comforting colours — it is as if these rooms are very much an extension of the forest itself. The decorating style is carried into the main hotel and dining room, with large sun kissed rooms full of warm woods, dark leathers ad stone fireplaces.

The hotel’s Michelin-starred Gourmet Restaurant Alps, gives guests a chance to indulge themselves in world famous dishes that head chef Egon Heiss has been sure to put his own twist upon. When it comes to wine, guests are spoiled for choice, due to over 400 bottles that Bad Schörgau has waiting in their wine cellar.

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HUUS Gstaad, Gstaad, Switzerland

Next we jet off to Gstaad, Switzerland, where the HUUS Gstaad sits at an altitude of 1000 – 3000m above sea level, amidst the ski slopes, towering mountains and lush fir trees. After a long day of skiing, guests are encouraged to relax, put on some cozy clothes and spread out in front of a roaring fire with a cup of hot chocolate and a generous helping of marshmallows, or maybe a glass of something with a little more of a kick? Whatever guests choose, this cushy, wood panelled chalet, is more than happy to oblige. The dark and seductive interiors spark feelings of intimacy, pleasure and pure leisure; warm dimmed lighting, dark woods, and luxe materials including tartan and velvet can all be found lining the chalet’s hallways and bedrooms.

Once guests have had time to take in their atmospheric surroundings, and benefitted from a drink or two in one of the hotels three bars, it would be the perfect time to sample some atmospheric cuisine at the HUUS Gstaad restaurant or the La Vue Restaurant. Both venues feature ‘locally sourced, fresh ingredients’ with options including fish, chicken, venison and even wild boar. The menu is varied and has a little something for everyone. Guests of the hotel get to enjoy sampling this incredible array of food while looking out onto a backdrop that will take their breath away, no matter what the season is. HUUS Gstaad truly creates the ‘quintessential skiing experience’ for all of its lucky guests.

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Hotel Chetzeron, Crans-Montana, Switzerland

Staying in Switzerland but moving onto the Crans-Montana region is Hotel Chetzeron, a luxury, stone covered retreat nestled right at the top of the Alpine peaks. This converted cable car station is up there with the top unique experiences money can buy; surrounded by snow drenched mountains in winter and lush green grass in summer, this retreat promises breath-taking views all year round.

With huge windows designed to invite the landscape inside and the added bonus of window perches, the temptation to gaze out onto the sublime landscape while enjoying a bottle of champagne can be too much to resist. Bright modern decor await the guests of the hotel, with light wood, black beams, slate stone and sun drenched bedrooms that have a minimalistic finish — this hotel makes sure its emphasis is on its one-of-a-kind view.

The hotel offers its guests the chance to partake in many traditional winter mountain activities such as skiing down its incredible slopes, snow shoeing, sledging or even paying a visit to the glaciers very own ‘ice grotto’. In the summer, guests have the option to hike, mountain bike and even golf. In the surrounding area there are also clubs, a casino, a skating rink, and the largest shopping centre in the Alpine region, whatever tickles the fancy of the guests; the possibilities for leisurely or adrenaline fuelled activities are second to none on these slopes.

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Hotel Stein, Salzburg, Austria

Continuing on this tour around some of the best hotels in Europe, next on the list is the newly renovated Hotel Stein in Salzburg, Austria. This centuries old hotel boasts both character and elegance while sitting almost directly on the banks of Salzach River. In a city that has history embedded into its soul, this hotel has breathed a new lease interior design life into Salzburg, by placing the emphasis on fresh, contemporary layouts featuring chic, neutral walls with splashes of bright blue, yellow and gold.

For a fine dining experience, look no further than Hotel Salzburg’s own Seven Senses Restaurant, featuring not only world-class food but also panoramic views of the beautiful, iconic city that unfolds around the hotel. Enjoy the Roof Top Bar for a cocktail, or three before ordering something flavourful and satisfying from either the restaurant, offering ‘exquisite wining and dining’ or the lounge which offers ‘the finest soul food’ — neither luxury nor comfort needs to be forfeited at Hotel Stein. Speaking of luxury, not only does the hotel provide the finest food around, it also provides a sanctuary for its guests in the form of its very own spa, relaxation room, sauna and gym, so they can enjoy some heavenly pampering after a long day of exploring all the cracks and crevices of this historic city.|

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Hurley House, Berkshire, England

Lastly, we are heading home to Hurley House in Berkshire, England. This beautiful cottage style hotel is set in one of the most picturesque counties in the UK. Surrounded by quintessential British countryside, this white bricked, cozy home-away-from-home is certainly the place to visit. A truly intimate stay awaits the guests of Hurley House, with just 10 rooms that emphasise quality over quantity, and boy does this hotel have quality in bucket loads! Serene, restful and comfort are words that describe the chic style of the boutique hotel’s bedrooms; white, silky 1000 thread bed linens, underfloor heating, king size beds, an in-room safe and a private mini bar.

Hurley House is not just infamous for providing one of the best night’s sleep around, it has also garnered quite a reputation for providing its guests with some of the best classically British food in Berkshire. From sandwiches and scones, scallops and fish and chips, there is nothing more satisfying than enjoying the outstanding talent of the hotel’s chefs while also enjoying the rustic, almost farmhouse-esque decor of the dining room, which includes a wood burning stove and flagstone floors.

Hurley House is a true lesson in unpretentious, pure and simple luxury, and is perfect for anyone looking to truly escape and immerse themselves in the perks of the rural English countryside.

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Didn’t find the HIP hotel you were looking for? Don’t worry, there’s plenty more over at the HIP Hotels website.