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Our Top Picks : The Holiday Gadget Must-Haves

Travel this year in style thanks to our round-up of must-have gadgets.

As the summer season draws closer we’ve turned our attention to selecting our must-have holiday gadgets. Whether it’s the nightlife of Ibiza, the serene beaches of Thailand or the culture of Rome that are set to capture your hearts this summer, we have selected a gadget to suit them all.

The Secure Traveller Trip : The Bluesmart Carry-On, £349.99 from Selfridges.

Hassle free luggage is here thanks to the Bluesmart, the world's first smart suitcase.
Gone are the days where luggage was just a storage facility, the world’s first smart suitcase, promises to keep travellers’ belongings tracked, devices charged, bag secure, and trips hassle-free.

Forget your lost luggage fears thanks to the world’s first smart suitcase from Bluesmart. Designed to keep travellers’ belongings tracked, devices charged, bag secure, and trips hassle-free, it’s a must for the security conscious and technology focused traveller. Integrated with hassle-eliminating technology – 3G+GPS tracking, backup battery, remote digital lock, built-in scale – that syncs wirelessly to the free companion app (available on Android and iPhone) it does the ‘thinking’ for you when travelling. The built-in battery keeps devices charged and connected to everything travellers care about whilst it also has the first ever TSA approved digital lock which lets users remotely secure belongings (much like your car door). In addition, when a bag goes out of range of its owner, the Bluetooth-enabled proximity sensor sends an alert and automatically locks the bag, just in case.

The Bluesmart Carry-On is designed for efficiency and convenience at airports as well. A dedicated compartment protects and provides easy access to laptops and electronics when going through airport security. Hub-less wheels combined with the hard/soft shell case makes it lightweight, durable, and highly manoeuvrable.

The Party Holiday : ROC by Monster Platinum Black Over Ear Headphones, £249.95 from Monster

ROC branding is fluent throughout from the distinctive gold banding to the intricate detailing on the inner of the band making these a bold statement for your vacation style.
ROC branding is fluent throughout from the distinctive gold banding to the intricate detailing on the inner of the band making these a bold statement for your vacation style.

Turn the music up and lose yourself in the world of music on holiday by picking up a pair of ROC by Monster Platinum Black statement over-ear headphones if you’re looking for a lively trip.  Providing crystal clear audio without over heating on the ear the Platinum headphones ensure that each journey, no matter the duration, is accompanied by your soundtrack. Inspired by ROC to Live Life Loud, these headphones are a must for those looking to celebrate and get into the holiday spirit.

The Adventure Holiday : Survivor Summit, Griffin Technology at £34.99-£44.99 at Carphone Warehouse

Set to protect against dirt, sand and drops is the Summit Survivor.
Sandstorm (4mph) proof and impact protected, the Survivor Summit from Griffin Technology will protect your memories whilst you embark on your latest adventures.

Trekking through the forest or exploring the vast expanse of the desert ? We have the gadget must-have for those headed on a slightly more adventurous holiday. Meet the Survivor Summit, the phone protector which promises to keep your phone safe and secure through rain, a 3m drop, from dirt and even during sandstorms of up to 4mph. With four protective layers to prevent damage from impact, in addition to it’s handy holster belt and clip case with easy grip, the chance of you losing your precious memories captured on your device are vastly reduced.

The Relaxation Break : Kobo Aura H2O at £139.99 from Kobo

Kobo Aura H2O waves goodbye to water and sand fears.
1m waterproof with additional sand protection the Kobo Aura H2O suits both pool and beach holidays for an avid book reader.

If relaxing by the water is more of your type of holiday the team at Kobo have introduced their water and sand proof eBook reader removing the fear of damaging your tech near to the poolside or further more at the oceans edge. With the capability of storing 3,000 novels, a battery that could last for 2 months and with brightness adjustment properties the Kobo Aura H2O is the perfect reading companion for you to divulge into literature on your break.

A Fitness Retreat  : Chilly’s water bottle 500ml at £18.99 from Chilly’s.

Chilly's quench the thirst in hot and cold conditions.
Specifically designed for an active urban lifestyle, with the perfect balance of distinctive style and unrivalled performance, a Chilly’s water bottle is a must have to banish your holiday thirst.

Heading to the peace and relaxation of a fitness retreat this summer? We have the perfect workout partner for you. Gone are the days where your cold drink turns to lukewarm within minutes thanks to the Chilly’s water bottle (now available in a gorgeous Matt paint job) that can keep your drink ice cold for 24 hours – believe us, we’ve tried it and it works! Using advanced double-wall vacuum technology the bottle holds the liquids temperature for up to 24hrs (ice cold for 24hrs / hot for 18hrs) whilst also crucially being leak-proof without losing the preservation of the liquid’s taste.