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Review: Casagrand apartments, Barcelona in Spain

By Jay Ducker  |  September 1, 2020

Located in one of the busiest and most cosmopolitan areas of Barcelona (Diagonal), Casagrand’s luxury apartments sit between some of the most beautiful Catalan buildings imaginable. Upon my arrival, I notice a strong flow of traffic, many passers-by, and a few bustling shops. As my taxi comes to a halt, I struggle to see the entrance but with a moment’s delay, I see a great iron clad door and the synonymous Casagrand sign outside.

As I enter, I’m welcomed with a warm, gentle smile and a comfortable seat. As I wait to be checked in my eyes roam the marble flooring to the end of the room and I take a quick glance at what looks to be an exceptionally old looking elevator, but before I get a chance to inspect I’m interrupted by the receptionist.

The apartments are located in the trendy Diagonal area

Once, we’ve gone over the normal procedures of checking in, I get a chance to ride this spectacularly old and rickety elevator. The receptionist informs me it is one of the key features at the Casagrand and that they are very proud to have it. It is in pristine condition considering its age.

The apartment

The room I have been given is on the first floor so my ascent via the elevator is short lived. Upon entering the apartment, I am blown away almost immediately by the pure size of the place (and this is one of the smaller apartments). Taking in my surroundings, I see on my first inspection that there’s a very generously sized living room and dining area with views looking out onto the bustling street below.

The Casagrand apartments are self-catered so the kitchen that is provided is more than adequate to suffice most needs. The hallway is long, very long indeed and it leads to four good sized bedrooms which sleeps and holds eight people. Not all rooms are the same though, there is obviously a master bedroom, with a terrace and an ensuite but even the smallest room wouldn’t disappoint at all. There is a particularly high standard here and their attention to detail with the Casagrand emblem displayed on most their products and signage around the building is a nice touch. They seem truly proud of their apartments and their brand, and so they should be with the quality they deliver.

There is a particularly high standard at Casagrand apartments and they certainly deliver on quality

Casagrand also boasts a stunning rooftop pool area and sauna; perfect to look out onto a cool midtown Barcelona. During my stay, I spent both my evenings taking in the beat of the night from up on the terrace. Also, if that wasn’t enough, there’s a well-stocked gym in the basement – great to burn off all those Catalan tapas bars that you must visit.

To do

Being in such a cosmopolitan district, it is hard not to venture out and take advantage of the location you’re in. Other than the good climate, one of the main reasons for visiting Spain is definitely for the food and I think Casagrand enables you to do that, rather than just staying at a regular full or half board hotel. Of course, you could still go eat at one of the many fast food outlets down the street, but if you’re feeling even just slightly more curious than normal then there are some fantastic local restaurants and bars just waiting to be discovered.

There are various sized apartments and all guest can make use of a gym, sauna and rooftop pool

In a nutshell

My stay at Casagrand was purely delightful. It was like having my own apartment in the centre of Barcelona, being able to come and go as I please without having to get a taxi everywhere. My only wish was that I had more people with me to enjoy such a great apartment.



An apartment to sleep four can be booked from €329 per night.

Address: Av. Diagonal, 478, 08006 Barcelona
Phone: +34 93 522 27 48