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Review: Frogner House Apartments, Oslo in Norway

Travel writer Aruna Rathod finds that a great location, clean lines, chic interiors and smart amenities make these apartments the perfect choice for a stay in Oslo.

Located at the National Theatre stop on both the subway and the bus, Frogner Apartments at Arbins gate 3 is a superb choice when in Norway to explore the capital. Recently renovated and refurbished, the apartments have an absolutely delightful Scandinavian decor.

A self check-in machine assures a smooth welcome at any time of the day. My room was fairly large with huge windows that brought in the light and chirping of birds. The well-designed room was extremely comfortable and gave me different seating for different settings – a sofa, the dining table, bar stools and the bed.

The spacious apartments have a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere

I particularly loved the sofa in dark blue, the velvet blue cushion with trimmings and the beautiful pastel-coloured cushion that made a visual splash. The bed faced one of the large windows and it was soothing to watch the blue sky until late in the summer evening.

It was most interesting to note the smart usage of space by extending the back of the head rest of the bed into an informal bar area with two bar stools. With the available glassware, I made it a point to indulge in a glass of wine or two.

A tiny kitchenette made sure I would never be hungry in the cold climate. It was equipped with a kettle, refrigerator, dish washer, microwave oven and plenty of cutlery! The bathroom was chic in black and white with matt-black fittings. So with a regular supply of tea or coffee (coffee is most popular in Oslo and some restaurants even offer unlimited coffee), and basic staples of bread and butter, it made for a good start.

Frogner House has apartments in 15 locations across the city of Oslo

The Frogner apartments symbolised Scandinavia’s flair for smart utility with great style. Offering plenty of choices in Oslo, Frogner House has apartments in 15 locations across the Norwegian capital, each embodying Frogner’s philosophy of ‘your home when you are not’. Whether it’s a 3-night short break or a 30-day long haul in Oslo, Frogner has just the perfect fit for every leisure and business traveller.

City calling

With my location at Arbins gate 3, I started off with the revitalised Aker Brygge area. It has some fancy diners, pubs and shopping districts. The area combines commercial and residential buildings with absolutely stunning facades.

The Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art is one of many excellent museums in the city

At the end of the pier is the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art with its dramatic architecture, while closer to the harbour is the Nobel Peace Centre. Exactly opposite is the Oslo City Hall which is a maroon coloured structure. It’s easy to spend half a day around the area. Those travelling in style can come to Oslo by their private boats as the Aker Brygge Marina’s guest harbour has 50 spaces.

In the city centre, the shopping street at Karl Johans Gate is full of high-end stores, cafes, pubs and history. On the street’s highest point, Egertorget, you can see the Royal Palace on the horizon and next to you will be the Stortinget (Parliament House). Also in the vicinity is the National Theatre of Oslo, as well as the cathedral.

Museum Island

The museums at Bygdøy island include the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, the Viking Ship Museum and the Kontiki museum. Get there early to cover all the museums in the first half of the day before all the crowds rush in.

Vigeland Park is a must-visit when in Oslo

A must-visit in Oslo is the Vigeland Park, full of human sculptures made by legendary Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland. Done in bronze and granite, the life-like figures depict various stages and emotions of human life. The highlight is the fountain and the Obelisk with entwined human figures that towers into the sky.

Closer to the modern concrete world, the Bar Code Buildings stand out in their stylish facades, forming the city’s financial district. At the end of the street is the majestic Opera House in pure white with a magnificent backdrop of the harbour beyond, with cruise liners docked in, and small boats gliding through the gentle blue sea.

Address: Arbins gate 3, Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 930 10 009