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Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean wants to pay someone £100k to travel the world

By LLM Reporters on 4th February 2019

Calling all millennials … your dream position has just become available – being paid to travel the world and post your extraordinary experiences on social media.

The role, as an apprentice ‘Shore Explorer’ for Royal Caribbean, will include visits to destinations including Alaska, Japan, Norway and Dubai.

And the icing on the cake is a once-in-a-lifetime tip to a private island in the Caribbean.

On landing the job, the chosen candidate will also be paid a salary equivalent to £104,000 a year for their troubles as they shadow expert photographer, Russ Francis.

It doesn’t even sound like it will be hard work – with the only daily task consisting of posting their experiences on Instagram, Instagram Stories and IGTV.

The successful ‘Shore Explorer’ candidate will be selected by an independent panel of judges including The Vamps’ guitarist and ‘I’m A Celebrity’ star James McVey, and travel writer Nadia El Ferdaoussi.

The role is open to UK and Irish applicants.

Royal Caribbean managing director Ben Bouldin and Russ Francis will also help to make the final decision.

Royal Caribbean
Royal Carribean is one of the leading cruise companies in the world. Image credit: Solarisys/

James McVey said: “My jungle experience taught me that you really can’t beat the thrill of exploring new destinations and experiences – whether on land or sea – and that’s what becoming a Shore Explorer is all about.

“I’m so excited to be working with Royal Caribbean to find the perfect person for this new Apprentice-Ship; someone who has a passion for travel, exploration and seeking out new and extraordinary experiences around the world.

“And, of course, they have to be brilliant at sharing their adventure online too.”

The once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity was thought up by Royal Caribbean International, whose spokesman said: “We’re looking for an adrenaline junkie who is not only hungry for adventure, but also has a unique ability to capture a moment and tell a story in a simple social media post.

“We already offer a huge amount of incredible, once-in-a-lifetime, on-land experiences as part of our cruise holidays – from zip wires and white water rafting, to walking on glaciers and hot air balloon rides.

“By launching this position, we’re hoping that the winning candidate will take our shore excursion programme to the next level.”

The role, as an apprentice ‘Shore Explorer’, will include visits to destinations including Alaska, Japan, Norway and Dubai

The dream job emerged as British millennials claim to be a ‘do it’ rather than ‘buy it’ generation, according to research.

Those aged 18 to 37 are more focused on spending their money on memorable things to do, rather than possessions which hold no personal value.

The study of 2,000 adults found 56 per cent of millennials believe they simply get more out of experiences than they would from a physical asset.

And for a quarter, the ‘instant gratification’ gained through a fun experience is much better than having to save up for an expensive item.

Some of the top experiences on millennials’ bucket lists include seeing the Northern Lights, laying eyes on the Grand Canyon and skydiving.

Others in the 18 to 37 age group would like to spend their money on experiencing music festivals, getting a tattoo and when possible, walking the Great Wall of China.

Researchers from OnePoll found that as a whole, younger generations are also keen to write a book and get it published, spend a night in a cabin, learn to surf and ride a zip wire.

Other much wanted experiences include flying first class, donating blood and planting a tree.

The research indicates that the so-called ‘Instagram Generation’ appears to value experiences more highly than anything else.

The results found that a tenth of young people enjoy having these experiences to post about on social media.

* Hopeful candidates can get more information on how to apply by visiting Royal Caribbean’s UK Instagram channel or website.

The role is open to UK and Irish applicants


1. See the Northern Lights

2. Go on safari

3. Go On a hot air balloon ride

4. Visit Canada

5. Buy a house

6. See the Grand Canyon

7. Visit Las Vegas

8. Walk on the Great Wall of China

9. Fly first class

10. Spend New Year’s Eve in New York City

11. Visit NYC

12. Visit Alaska

13. Visit California

14. Drive Route 66

15. See the Pyramids in Egypt

16. Go on a cruise

17. Visit Thailand

18. Go to Paris

19. Skydive

20. Visit a glacier

21. Get out of debt

22. Visit Machu Picchu, Peru

23. Bungee jump

24. Swim with dolphins

25. Own a car

26. Meet someone famous

27. Eat at a five-star restaurant

28. Go on a jet ski

29. Go To a music festival

30. Spend a night in a cabin

31. Star-gaze

32. Get a tattoo

33. Go scuba diving

34. Ride a zip wire

35. Learn to surf

36. Ride In a limousine

37. Be an extra in a movie

38. Run a marathon

39. Give blood

40. Hold a monkey

41. Plant a tree

42. Learn to play the piano

43. Go hiking

44. Ride an elephant

45. Go parasailing

46. Attend Mardi Gras In New Orleans

47. Go white water rafting

48. Write a book and get it published

49. Go camping

50. Visit a winery

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