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Seven top travel accessories for backpackers

When it comes to planning your next getaway, backpacking might not exactly be at the top of your list. From night buses to hostels, nothing about the traditional idea of it screams glamour – but it’s a great way to see the world from a native’s perspective. What’s more is that these days, a backpacking adventure can be just about as luxurious as you want it to be, and you can still stay in high-end hotels and eat at great restaurants, regardless of your travel style.

So, you want to see a variety of places in one go, then why not bite the bullet, strap on your backpack and head for the airport? Armed with the right kit, it promises to be a rewarding experience, so here are our top seven must-have travel accessories to get you on your way.

One: Your Travel Backpack

Modern travel backpacks are not your dad’s hiking pack. Technologies have made the current travel bags super light-weight and especially designed for travel. They unlock like travel suitcases for quick access, provide media pouches, and be carried in several ways – making them versatile, secure and comfortable to use.


Two: Your Travel Hand Towel

Every traveler needs a towel, especially if you’re going to be on the road a lot. Whether it’s for drying off after a dip in a cenote or simply for mopping your sweaty brow, you’ll want to ensure that you have one with you at all times, and not just back in your hotel. Typical bath towels will weigh you down, so opt for a travel shower towel instead. Lightweight and fast-drying, they are convenient companions – with no risk of mold or unwanted odours.

Three: Travel under Garments

Comfort is key when travelling, so be sure to pack plenty of clean underwear. Travel undergarments, just like towels, dry quickly and fight germs and odours – hardly your most glamorous moment, but necessary if you want to remain fresh, clean and comfortable throughout your trip.

Four: Soap Sheets

Travel Soap sheets are among the lightest and most streamlined you can get, and are the perfect accessory for any luxury travel adventure. A great way to stay clean whilst on the road, soap sheets — body, hair shampoo, shaving or other — are approximately 1 inch, paper-thin pieces that lather up in normal water. They fulfill carry-on requirements, are a fraction of the weight of their liquid counterparts and take up much less space in your luggage or backpack.

Five: Packing Cubes

Once you use packing cubes, you’ll never go back! They’re the perfect tool for organizing your luggage, allowing you to pack much more into a smaller space. Usually in the form of zippered nylon or fine mesh rectangles which allow you to easily compress your things before popping them in your backpack, they are an absolute must-have for anyone who usually struggles to pack light!

Six: International Plugs

It is a diverse planet, and that’s why we like to travel – but don’t forget that each continent has its own electro-mechanical system, requiring smart adapter plugs if you’re to use your electrical devices. Phone chargers, shavers, hairdryers and stylers will all need to be plugged in at some point, so be sure to arm yourself with a variety of plugs if you’re going around the world. Treat yourself to a universal set, which will help you to connect no matter where you’re going.

Seven: A Solar Power Battery Charger

Heading where very few vacationers have gone before is surely an incredible experience, and the further off the beaten track you go, the fewer facilities you will find. In some locations, it is possible to get mobile service, however, not the facility to power your cell phone. Solar power charges are light in weight, small and allow you to power your electronic devices in spite of how far you journey into the unknown.