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Six reasons you should visit Cyprus

Cyprus beach

From beguiling coves to seaside towns which remain unperturbed by 21st century living, Cyprus’ charms know no boundaries. The island sits in the eastern side of the Med, with views that’ll leave you starstruck and a climate that’ll see you bronzed for weeks to come. There are countless reasons why you should visit the island, here’s six of them…

The historic city of Paphos

Much of Cyprus harks back to its rich history – from lavish Roman tiles to Neolithic ruins. The city of Paphos embodies this part of the nation, and has done for centuries. Walk to the harbour, and on your way back visit the Kato Paphos Archaeological Park. These ruins, found within the Nea Pafos section of the city, take you back to ancient Greek and Roman eras, with iconic pillars stretching out into nothingness. 

Explore at your own pace, and marvel at some of the oldest structures in Europe. It’s situated in the Peyia municipality, where many holiday companies have luxury villas which are the perfect base camp for any holiday in Cyprus. 

Much of Cyprus harks back to its rich history – from lavish Roman tiles to Neolithic ruins

Exquisite cuisine 

When a nation combines both Middle East and Mediterranean influences, you know that the end product – in this case, food – will be something special. Meze, the Spanish equivalent of tapas, includes small dishes such as tzatziki dip, hummus, grilled fish, and of course, Cypriot haloumi. It’s served best with a cold glass of local wine, and a generous dollop of sun. 

Lush beaches 

There’s many sunspots in Cyprus – it gets an average of 326 days of sun a year, after all! You’ll find no shortage of beaches on the island, complete with tepid waters and sands made for lazing an afternoon away on. Catch some rays, get stuck into a good book, and let these idyllic strips take you to a far off place. 

The Tombs of the Kings

These tombs date back to the 4th century BC, and house several of the country’s influential figures. Although they weren’t actually royalty, the stunning interiors here led to this spot’s rather apt title. Spend an afternoon amongst these sandy buildings and tombs, but be sure to take a camera. These rustic tones will bolster any Instagram photo tenfold – #nofilter needed.

Agios Epifanios Chapel

Lara Bay Turtle Conservation Station

As a nation, Cyprus is committed to the conservation and protection of endangered species. It’s always been a popular nesting spot for wild sea turtles, and this protected area is the perfect place to witness these creatures in their natural habitat. Watch as they make their way from the sand to the shores, and potentially spot a wild hatchling! 

Paphos wine tours 

Wine is somewhat of a big deal in Cyprus – the industry dates back 5000 years, and plays a big role in the local economy. Tour a local vineyard, and sample local produce along with a whole host of other renowned blends, such as chardonnay. 

There you have it – six reasons why you should go to Cyprus for your next getaway. Whether your a wine aficionado, history buff, or are just travelling for its luscious climate, you’ll soon find a few more than six things to love about this Mediterranean jewel.