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Take a look inside the most luxurious resort in Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago

Awei Pila

Have you ever experienced true luxury? Finding the right place can be somewhat of a challenge for many, considering that it is rare to find somewhere that has a perfect balance of comfort, elegance and lavishness.

If you have already explored your options, yet still remain unsatisfied, then stress no more as Awei Pila awaits.

Having opened its doors in December 2018, the new exotic private resort, owned by the Yangon-based Memories Group, is a magical destination in the Mergui Archipelago which can accommodate all your desires and more. With a beautifully exclusive setting in the far south coast of Myanmar, this getaway will introduce you to a whole new world.

Experiencing the wonders of an untouched destination, you’ll be able to explore the majesty of Mergui as the resort transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, allowing you to be free to reconnect with yourself.

Awei Pila
The Mergui Archipelago lies off the far south coast of Myanmar. Image credit: Florian Dahm

The Director of Sales & Marketing at Memories Group, Brenda Jiaying Ho, described how “we are an innovator that’s bringing the virgin destination to experiential travellers and explorers wishing to discover themselves and the world through their travels”.

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Mergui Archipelago is comprised of hundreds of islands, all featuring coral reefs and picturesque beaches. A haven for birds, as well as marine life, there is a variety of fauna to admire all around you.

Rivalling the Maldives, this resort, which is located only eighty kilometres from the shoreline of Kawthaung, on the northernmost point of Pila Island, is set on an idyllic beach surrounded by a forest, offering guests spectacular views out to the Andaman Sea. Here you will experience the meaning of tranquillity as you disconnect in order to reconnect. Replace the deafening noise of the city with the therapeutic sounds of the sea and the humming songs of the natural wildlife.

Visiting this exquisite location in the eastern Indian Ocean is a magical experience, as the legend of Pila island tells the mythological tale of a flood which broke the great islands into eight-hundred, mostly uninhabited, limestone and granite islands; Pila becoming one of its most enchanting treasures.

Awei Pila
The newly constructed exclusive resort of Awei Pila features 24 air-conditioned tented villas; all perfectly situated on the idyllic white-sand beaches. Image credit: Florian Dahm

Indulge yourself in the seafaring culture of the semi-nomadic Moken people, as you visit their nearby Fisherman’s bay to sample a taste of their lifestyle. This welcoming Austronesian community heavily relies on the sea for their survival. Living off the seas flora and fauna, they mostly live in small hand-crafted wooden boats, which serve not only as their transportation but also as their kitchen and bedroom.

Considering that this is a mostly untouched area, you can explore to your heart’s content. Discover the island’s unique wildlife and vegetation, stumble across the beautiful Buddhist temple, and enjoy the magnificent atolls and coral reefs.

The newly constructed exclusive resort of Awei Pila features 24 air-conditioned tented villas; all perfectly situated on the idyllic white-sand beaches.

Jiaying Ho continues to explain how “the island has more than 40 minor and 10 major beaches, many of which can be reached by trekking through virgin rainforest. Some are accessible only by boat.

“You can feel the sense of exploration, an opportunity to be in areas where you might be the first person to have stepped in ages. Add a bottle of champagne and a picnic lunch with butler service to this kind of adventure and you have something truly unique”, she concludes.

Awei Pila
Awei Pila offers barefoot luxury at its finest. Image credit: Florian Dahm

The enchanting and exclusive villa resort will introduce you to an edgy and delightfully mischievous experience. Designed around a lightweight fabric structure in order to produce a low environmental impact, these villas will help you to truly relax and forget all about your worries.

Choose whether to stay at the exquisitely tranquil Seaview villa, where you can indulge in quality time in your private terrace and forest garden, or stay in a luxurious Beachfront Seaview villa, take in the sun and relax on your private terrace whilst admiring in the incredible views of the Andaman Sea.

These rooms are designed with light and fresh interiors. The whitewashed timbers and duck cotton fabric walls will provide a soft and pleasant international environment, showcasing the local touches of Myanmar’s traditional construction techniques; allowing the natural light and breeze to swiftly come through will help you to find your inner peace.

During your days in this heavenly resort, feel free to relax by the divine pool under open-aired structures, enjoy the sea by kayaking, snorkelling or hire a luxury yacht for however long you desire. If you aim to explore inland then hike through the glorious forests and search areas that are largely unexplored; imagine being the first to discover something truly wonderful on this extraordinary island.

Awei Pila
This enchanting and exclusive villa resort will introduce you to an edgy and delightfully mischievous experience. Image credit: Florian Dahm

Finding your way to the resort is incredibly effortless as there are regular flights from Bangkok, Yangon to Ranong, or Kawthaung or via land from Phuket. Once arriving at this utopian paradise, you will experience genuine freedom like no other. As if separated from the 21st century, the most untouched and uninhabited island strives to be 100 per cent plastic free.

Describing it as “barefoot luxury at its finest”, the General Manager, Jon Bourbaud says that it is his team’s primary aim to create minimum impact on this idyllic environment.

“As a Plastic Free Ambassador for Myanmar, it’s my goal to reduce as much as possible single-use plastics at our resort”, says Marcelo Guimaraes, Awei Pila hotel’s resident marine biologist. “The only footprint we want to create is when we walk on these deserted beaches”.

All inclusive packages begin at £568 per day for a villa for two people.

Address: Kyun Pila Island, Myanmar (Burma)
Phone: +95 1 687 788