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The Best Ways to Travel in Unusual High Tech Style

Say goodbye to the car and hello to the future of transport

Driving, it’s just so dreary in 2013.  Who wants to fill their garage with a boring old car, when there’s so many more interesting ways to get from A to B.  Mark Southern discovered there’s more to motoring than meets the eye.

The Jet Ski

The Yamaha FZR breaks records as easily as it breaks waves, with the first nanotechnology engineered hull and decks, and comfortably claiming the National Tour Champion title.  However, it’s the hulking beast’s performance on the water that makes it such a special jetski, and one that should be on every aquatic thrill seekers shopping list.

The two-seater Yamaha also comes packed with a punch from its super-charged 1812cc engine, which rips through the water with gusto.

Very simply, it’s a contender for the best jetski in the world today.

From £8,000

The Mini Submarine

Yachts are all well and good, but the truly stylish sea-farer heads under water, not along it.  So, of course you’re going to need a personal mini submarine.

The SeaMagine Ocean Pearl is the best mini sub on the market, perfect for nipping down under the ocean, and exploring the depths below.

With enough oxygen to keep you and a passenger safe for six hours, and a maximum depth of one kilometre, the deep blue world is your oyster, with three electric thrusters propelling you through the unexplored sea.

There’s a reason why every adventurous billionaire is getting one, and so should you.

From £600,000

The Jet Pack

For fans of cult movie The Rocketeer, the future has arrived, and it comes on a backpack.  After a century of science-fiction prophesies, and a mis-guided 007 adventure, the jetpack is finally here, and available for anyone who dreams of taking to the skies.

Inventor Raymond Li has worked on the JetLev R200 for eleven years, and has now cracked it, creating a super gadget that pumps water at over 1,000 gallons per minute for a 200 horsepower engine, propelling the pilot into the air.

There are limitations, like you can only fly above water, and can only reach heights of nine metres, due to the cable attaching the pilot to the support boat, but it’s the most fun you can have at an altitude of nine metres.

The jetpack reaches speeds of 25mph, and we advise you to get one at a slightly quicker rate than this.

From £70,000

The Paramotor

For those looking to soar to higher heights than the jetpack allows, we suggest the more gentile, but incredible, paramotoring, which utilises a parachute canopy and a giant backpack engine to travel huge distances.

Parajet are the most trusted name in paramotoring, and the Cyclone Macro the perfect first paramotor for the adventurous pilot.

The Cyclone’s top of the range tech, and exquisite craftsmanship offers over three hours of flight time, and speeds of up to 70 km/h, allowing the pilot to travel a good distance, subject to air traffic control regulations.

The freedom that the Cyclone allows the pilot is unlike anything else, and is a truly exceptional way to travel in style.

Kits from £7,499

The Segway

Perhaps more famous for its creator and founder’s untimely, and tragically ironic passing, the segway is one of the most desirable and effective transport methods available today.

Using NASA technology to keep the two wheeled device upright, users simply lean forward or backwards to move, and twist the handlebars to steer.  And they’re brilliant.

Whilst they’re illegal on British roads at present, they are perfectly fine for private property, and the Segway X2 Turf makes for a great golfing accessory, with its exceptionally gentle footprint capable of crossing even the most delicate of greens without leaving a mark.

The X2 Turf is capable of a very respectable 20km/h, and can go up to 20km on a single charge.

From £9,000